Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pathos in Politics

What is clearly shown in the presidential debates in this year's election that contrast traditional professionalism is each candidates use of pathos. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were well known prior to this election, Clinton was the first lady and Secretary of State as Trump stared on Reality T.V and sponsors beauty pageants. Never the less, this reputation they each hold is their opponents first target. Hateful ads and slogans are thrown at each other, phrases like 'Love Trumps Hate' and 'Trump That B*tch may be completely different but both are just jabbing one another.

This is my problem with modern politics, the unnecessary insults and hatred thrown from each political party towards the other. The feud between Democrats and Republicans has gone to the extreme, people are stereotyped and reprimanded for picking the 'wrong' side. In the most recent debates between Clinton and Trump some extremely important questions were not answered. Instead, Trump brought up the email scandal and Clinton exposed Trump on being the sexist and racist person we already knew he was. There is so much destruction and hate in this world right now, and these presidential debates are meant for each candidate to share their plans to fix everything. So many citizens, especially younger people, are still undecided because it's unclear what side Trump and Clinton are taking. At this point, I could care less about what happened to those emails and the 'locker room' talk. I care about how to handle the wage gap, abortion laws, immigration, and every other form of oppression still here today. There is too much pathos in politics, and not enough logos in this election. 

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