Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live blog #1

The first question asked was under the topic of the supreme court. Hillary spoke first and brought up points about how she wants to stand on the side of the american people. Also said to not reverse marriage equality, woman's rights and other points similar to what Obama has said. She continues to repeat things like this when talking about these issues. However its much better than what Trump said about it.. He talks about statements the supreme court made against  him, and then brought up the point that Hillary was not going to win. It definitely shows how he never answers the actual question.

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  1. I think that Trump did have a clear answer to the question of who he would appoint. He answered with; someone who will interpret the constitution strictly, a respected judge, a conservative (someone who will uphold the second amendment), etc... I am happy to say that I know Trumps plan in regards to appointing the next supreme court justice.