Thursday, October 20, 2016

Live blog, Debate 3 (3)

The way that Hillary Clinton claims that she want to "Invest in people" makes us feel that she really cares about us as people.  The way she wants to invest in new jobs, education, and skill training are all things that we as Americans find as necessities, and by making us think that she will help us, she is more likely to gain votes.


  1. I agree that Hillary is the more personable candidate hands down, allowing her to gain voters by convincing them that she will work in the interest of them, however, even though he may not have done the best job at explaining his plan, I believe Trump's economic plan to facilitate the bounce back of the American economy is the better option because by reducing taxes on businesses, it will allow them to increase their profit, encouraging businesses to hire more people or raise their salaries.

  2. I agree with this, she often appeals to the people and what they would find beneficial and i think she can gain many votes from the middle or lower class by doing this