Friday, October 21, 2016

Good luck America

After watching several presidential ads from both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I have found common themes from the two of them. I noticed that while Clinton does have some attack ads against Trump, the majority use pathos to find connections with her audience. Trump’s ads however were majorly attack ads against Hillary and used ethos to show how he is strong and powerful.

I find it strange that the two presidential candidates use such different modes in which they inspire people to vote for them. I found that after watching many of Hillary Clinton's ads I had a sense of innocent happiness, such as after watching the ad titled Betsy. This ad told the story of Betsy’s long friendship with Hillary and how she was when she was growing up. It is strange that hearing the story of a presidential candidate would make me want to vote for her but the deliberate use of pathos in the ad made me feel a connection with Hillary and make me feel like I can trust her. This is not the connection I felt with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s ads used ethos throughout his ads to make him seem strong and powerful. One ad titled “Two Americas” repeatedly showed vibrant photos of Trump making him seem so powerful and tall. I even noticed that the angle that the photos were taken at made him look like is a god-like figure. In his ads he even makes Hillary seem like the enemy that he has to fight against. The way that Donald Trump portrays himself as a hero makes Americans more inclined to vote for him, but as for me, his ads scare me.

These two presidential candidates have two very different way of gaining supporters and not much of each involves logos. Good luck American :)

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