Sunday, October 23, 2016

Putting Hillary Clinton in Her Basket of Deplorables

In this ad for the 2016 presidential election Donald trump is trying to convince people to not vote for Hillary Clinton. He is trying to convince people of this by using pathos, ethos and logos.

In this ad it shows Hillary Clinton is giving a speech to a room of upper class Americans and during her speech she calls the middle and lower classes a basket of deplorable. In this ad Donald trump uses pathos by making the ad more personal to the viewer. He does this by saying she’s calling “you” a deplorable. This makes the viewer feel more personally offended and hurt by Hillary Clinton's words.

In this ad Donald trump tries to turn voters against Hillary Clinton by using ethos. At the end of the ad it takes Hillary Clinton's words and uses it against her by calling her “deplorable for viciously dehumanizing hard working people like you.” This tries to smear her image by showing that she would openly insult people that don’t agree with her or people who are not on her side. This also shows that she is a hypocrite because she would generally stereotype a group of people negatively, but still judge Donald trump for doing the exact same thing.

In all, this ad tries to convince people of not voting for Hillary Clinton by making her seem like she is personally offending the voter. And by shining her in a bad light by making her seem hypocritical, stereotypical and willing to offend anyone that is not on her side.

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