Friday, October 14, 2016

Get Used to Hillary

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Hillary’s growing popularity continue to escalates as the election moves on. In a campaign shirt, as pictured above, she illustrates how her campaign appeals and is supporting women’s rights and feminism. The shirt is making a point not only is Hillary going to be president, but  America needs to get used to a woman being in charge. This campaign uses ethos and pathos to send a powerful message to her supporters.

Hillary is boosting her popularity and previously known reputation. Being a woman, she is especially subjected to sexist ideals as scrutinization. Being “bossy” and “annoying” is a common insult towards her. Instead of trying to combat this statement, she simply embraces it in a positive way. “Get used to it” as stated on the shirt appeals to emotions of the viewer. The viewer is automatically demanded attention as well as given a shock value. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with her, you are still emotionally awakened.

Hillary is going into this election with a fury that will not be easily dulled. She stands strong and continues to use her “disadvantages” to her own strength. She continues to empower women throughout the election and will hopefully further her push to break bounds and stereotypes in America. Her powerful campaigns continue to generate a stir and reactions throughout the nation.

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