Sunday, October 9, 2016

Presidential Debate 2: Live Blog Post 3

Next in the Obamacare argument, there is plenty of pathos in this argument, just invited in by the question. Hillary brings up all of the shortcoming that affect the Americans without Obamacare. She brings up the many people who will lose benefits if trump were to appeal the act. Trump uses the same argument on how it is too costly and it is harming the economy and the American people. He states how it is "bad, very bad healthcare" and how it is causing unrest with the businesses, the people, and the government. He states on how Obamacare will take some power away from the people and into the big government's control. Small business owners are being destroyed and how it is a completely flawed system. Hillary then brings up the people who may be too poor for health care, the elderly who are retired from jobs, or people with nothing at all will be harmed and in a horrible state without the act. They will likely continue to bring up the sadness and heartache that will be caused on both ends of the spectrum for their arguments.

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