Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Would You Rather Have a Politician or a Pawn in the Presidency?

I will not be of voting age come November, though if I was I would be voting for Hillary Clinton in a heartbeat. I do not feel that she is a perfect person, nor a perfect candidate. I do not expect her to be perfect in office and never make a mistake. What I do expect is for her to do an infinitely better job than if Donald Trump gains the white house.

To be completely blunt, the man has no clue what he's doing. He's lied his way to the Republican nomination, and I'm sure he will keep up those tendencies in office. He's personally attacked just about every minority group in America, and then proceeded to claim he never did. He hides his tax returns and brags about skimping the national system in order to enrich himself as though cheating the government is exactly what a government-hopeful should be doing. He's uncivil and has no idea how to act like a real politician. I doubt that he would have any idea how to deal with a crisis, though he'd certainly be great at not thinking through his decisions and causing them. His character is the exact opposite of what I would look for in an official.

Hillary certainly has her flaws - the email scandal, for example - but the fact of the matter stands that she has experience and knows how to act. She knows how to watch her mouth and how to remain respectful. She hasn't actively offended people of color, women, and people with disabilities. She hasn't proposed and encouraged a frightening tracking system for all people of the Islamic faith in the country. I can trust her to remain calm and make professional decisions even in dire circumstances. I trust that she will make decisions that benefit the country as a whole, not just her personal interests or beliefs.

I know that Hillary will not act perfectly. I would vote with her knowing fully that she will take actions that I won't agree with. I would vote for her knowing that she will make mistakes in office that may be drastic. I will vote for her, despite the inevitable drawbacks, because I will not feel safe if Donald Trump is in charge. We will not have a president; we will have a pawn in office - influenced and provoked to make rash statements as easily as a leaf blows off a tree during a tornado. I would vote for Hillary because the alternative is a nightmare that will only end in worse conditions for the majority, if not all, Americans.

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