Friday, October 14, 2016

Pence Trumps Kaine

Mike Pence seems to be Trump's knight in shining armor, who saved him from his spiraling campaign. With Trump's campaign on thin ice with some of the recent information released, such as the tape of his conversation with Billy Bush, Pence needed to get a win for team Trump. Although Tim Kaine still had a good debate, he seemed over prepared and his arguments sounded a little too scripted.  

During this debate, Pence acted more like Hillary. Remaining calm is always an advantage in any debate, and that is exactly what Pence did throughout the debate. Pence showed how he represented Trump and that he backed up most of his campaign choices. The argument that stood out the most to me was on Trump's view on taxes. Pence helped get Trump's message through by appealing to the lower and middle classes to shrink their taxes in order for them to strive in business. 

Another way Pence's debate went smoothly was that he did not give in to Kaine's negative remarks. Kaine brought up the "You're Hired, You're Fired" saying, Pence responds with "Thank you for that". His ability to avoid confrontation is something that he needs to teach Donald Trump. Pence stayed in his path to win the debate by avoiding Kaine's attempts for confrontation and pushing through to explain how he can solve issues in the United States. 

All in all, Pence kept his cool and unlike Kaine, was not over prepared for this debate. A victory for team Trump may not be expected when Trump is on stage, but Pence is a confident speaker and a reliable win. Although more citizens are interested in the heat between the two presidential candidates, the Vice Presidential debate of 2016 was a very important debate. This amplified Trump's beliefs and ideas in a positive light and may help Trump in the long run.

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