Thursday, October 13, 2016

Children Of America

In this particular campaign add Hillary is very much using pathos to bring across her argument. She is using footage of little kids and adding it into videos of Donald Trump saying or doing stupid things to make him look bad. What she did here is very snaky but very smart at the same time. It really is true though, the point she brings up about how this is what these kids country will look like if we elect Trump as our president.

Many children and teenagers do watch the debates and speeches and view many other things having to do with the election. As brought up in the last debate someone asked as candidates if they thought they were being appropriate and or making a good impression on the younger audience watching for school purposes. I don't quite think either of the completely answered the question but overall I think they both know they are not.

Especially, as shown in this commercial the way Trump has imitated disabled people, sexually assaulted woman, and has mostly talked about himself that he really has no filter on what he does ans puts out into society. He is clearly a bad role model for the children of america. No child wants to grow up in a country with a president like that. I think that is why this advertisement is strong on Hillary's part.


  1. I agree that it is interesting how Trump portrays himself to the public. He is loud, disruptive, and rude. I also find it interesting how Trump chose Mike Pence as a running partner when Pence is reserved, calm and level-headed, the exact opposite of Trump. This makes me think that Trump chose Pence to even out his crazy behavior. Just a thought.

  2. I agree that Trump is not suited to be a role model, let alone a President. This ad was effective for me not only because of my previous opinions on Trump, but also her strong use of emotion. She makes the audience agree by highlighting Trump's worst moments, as well as side with children.