Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Best Quote Of The Third Debate

"Let's please be quiet, for the candidates and the American people"

This quote was uttered somewhat exasperatedly from tonight's debate moderator, Chris Wallace. He actually did a much better job than the past two debate moderators at a few things. Wallace kept the audience in line, the few times they threatened a cacophony of boos or laughs, shut them down very quickly. The first time the audience even gave so much as a collective thought to yelling out, Wallace said "Let's please be quiet, for the candidates and the American people." Most of the time, and he was consistent with it throughout the debate, he told (mostly) Trump and Clinton that they had to shut up when their speaking times passed, as hard as that is for them to do.


  1. I found this quote so interesting and applicable to every single one of the debates that's happened so far. I also thought he did an amazing job of showing them each equal attention, and didn't single candidate either out.

  2. I agree that Wallace was one of the better moderators America has seen. The dynamics of this years elections are so much different then they have been in the past. America needs a strong and established moderator for such a peculiar and different type of election. I wonder how the audiences in the debate would differ if Trump was not running?

  3. I agree this quote was very profound. It makes you think about the campaign and everything that goes with it. Two candidates running and debating, this is all for the American people. This debate, election and new President are all for the people and the good of the country. This is what the candidates need to be thinking about during their campaign, it is about the people, not just about them.