Sunday, October 9, 2016

Presidential Debate 2: Live Blog Post 2

Trump brings the argument to Ethos soon after when hes talking about the tapes released on him on Friday, he brings up on how they are just words, like many of the things Hillary has said in the past. He brings up on how she has said many things that she didn't follow up on, or wasn't able to make them a reality. He then brings up Bill Clinton, and says how his words aren't as heinous as Bill's accusations. Trump attempts to put down his opponents reputation bringing up things from their past. He continues later to blast Hillary about her actions with the Obama family. He then brings up the emails that Hillary has been evolved in. He accuses her of "many lies and deception" in those email and her speeches, and how those emails have dissipated. He says how she should be ashamed of herself. (This audience doesn't understand, they are breaking the rules, no talking!) Trumps allegations on Hillary have diverted the discussion onto her issues she has been having, which is a smart and sly move by him. All of the suspicion is no on her security issues and her emails rather than his words he said in the released clips. Trump then goes on about how Hillary is crooked and a liar, furthering the negative ethos in the argument.

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