Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump Doesn't Need a Recount, Unless he Loses

One of Donald Trump's most recent claim has been that he will wholly accept the results of the upcoming election. There is one catch though, he will only accept the results if he wins.

During the most recent debate this Wednesday night, Trump not only undermined the entirety and accountability of our nation's election system, but he also clearly exposed his arbitrary and hypocritical thinking. To justify himself, Trump pointed to the election of 2000 between Al Gore and George W. Bush. During this election, Al Gore had demanded recounts from many counties, and ultimately caused Florida to rescind its vote to Bush. Bush eventually sued Gore from continuing the recounts in other places and eventually won in a Supreme Court ruling causing Gore to concede.

Now, there are many holes in Trumps argument. Al Gore had a real reason to call for a recount in Florida. The votes in Florida were so extremely tight that Gore had no choice. Also, throughout the election of 2000, Gore and Bush were completely confident in the legitimacy of the electoral college and the voting process. In no way did they question it like Trump. If Trump were to demand a recount, it would be on the basis of his own anger and hissy fits. Why are the American people allowing Trump, a possible leader of our country, to throw temper tantrums whenever he does not get what he wants?

To look on the bright side, if America does end up having to recount the votes, at least Trump will have lost in the first place.


  1. Didn't Al Gore concede because the recount of the votes would have taken so long, which meant that America would be without a president, and he was willing to give up the potential of an effective recount for the well-being of America? It is still interesting how Trump says he will not accept the results of the election unless he is deemed the winner. This presidential candidate is lacking basic sportsmanship characteristics that everyone is taught as a child, which facilitates the right to judge his other questionable characteristics.

  2. It is amazing how a presidential candidate can get away all of this. If this happened 4 years ago, they would have been out of the race so fast.

  3. Here you question how so many people can let Trump throw his temper whenever he doesn't get what he wants. I think that many people voting for Trump like this quality of his, finding it to be the personality needed to run the country. Perhaps the real question here is why so many people want this quality in their president?