Thursday, October 20, 2016

VP Debate Review

I don't think both Kaine nor Pence succeeded is coming out the victor of this debate. Most of this debate seemed to be a exchange of Kaine interrupting Pence to state all of Trumps misshapes, and Pence interrupting Kaine to try to explain these misshapes. Kaine was more or less forced to go on the aggressive with this debate and use the recent news to try to win the debate, Pence being stuck on the defensive had to keep on relying on facts of Trumps' successes. I think however this debate boded much better for the republicans then the outcome of Trumps recent debate, as Pence seemed to keep is cool through and not let Kaine to get to his head too much, having a lot to do with preparing before the debate. In all, I don't think this debate had a clear winner. Pence did a good job reducing the ethos of Trump, however Pence did well keeping his cool and countering lots of these attacks with facts.

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  1. I didn't see the VP debate but I've heard that's it was essentially a battle on trump's ethos: Kaine attacking and Pence defending. Though very little can be done to salvage Trump's ethos at this point, I am a little bit worried that Pence's coolness during the debate has given their duo a more responsible and trustworthy look on the whole...