Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why Uncle Sam is upset?

As this elections season is nearing an end, we are watching American politics come to an all time low and it sure is not good for the country.  The real problem with American politics is the growing policy among them to consider victory above all else and their desire to win.  Through doing this, politicians are treating politics as war between sides which is hypocritical to the basic Democratic values.  All though it is ok for politicians to have a desire to win , they need to start paying attention to what's best for the society.  This ultimately cripples Washington D.C.'s abilities to reach solutions, agree, come to a consensus, and capture the smartest thinking of both sides.  Politicians no longer care about representing their people and doing what's best for their country.  They care about winning in the end and proving that they are right even if its not representing the people.

This gets at the bigger issue of disinterested politics versus Interested politics.  Disinterested politics is when a politician is not influenced by considerations of personal advantages.  Interested politics is when a politician works to better themselves and give them advantages rather than doing what is good for the American people.  Right now in politics, America has a lot of interested politicians and we need disinterested politicians.  We need people in office who put the people of the United States before themselves and sacrifice things for the better of the society. This allows for the country to be put ahead of individuals and help to make the it better.  If we can put people in our capital who are disinterested rather than interested, American politics will change for the better.

While their are still many things wrong with American politics there are two major steps we can take to getting our politics back on the right track.  First we need to stop making politics all about victory and winning and second we need to put people in power who put the country before anything else.  If these two things are accomplished, American politics will be back on the right track.

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