Friday, October 14, 2016

Republicans for Hillary?

     In this campaign add "Doug", Hillary uses Doug as an example to show that republicans can vote for her too.This commercial is short and sweet with not a lot going on, which is a nice break from all the usual complicated backstabbing that has been going on in this campaign. Hillary shows a middle aged man ,who has voted republican his whole life, voting for her. Not because her ideas are all so great, but mostly because Donald Trump is "bullying people and trying to divide us". This is a strange route to take as a campaign ad but it is an angle Hillary can work. Especially in this campaign, it seems anything goes.
     In the commercial Doug tells his story of voting republican since his very first vote as a college student at Iowa. There is even a picture of him shaking a Republican candidates hand. Then he explains why Donald Trump is ending his streak of Republican voting because he can't have his children growing up in an America that Donald Trump has ruined. Another thing that is well thought out in this add are the clips from the two presidential debates. The ones from Trump are of him arguing and looking angry while the clips of Hillary are her looking calm and collected while giving a speech. These small things can make a big difference on your outlook of the whole commercial.
     One more thing this add does that I thought was kind of weird was when Doug talked about his views on Hillary's plans as president. Doug said "I don't agree with Hillary on everything". This seems like a bad thing to say for a campaign add but I thought it was almost laughable. It is as if Hillary is saying, I know neither option for president is really good, but at least I am the better of the worst. Again although this is a strange approach, candidates seem to take any chance they have to get more votes.

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