Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Terrorism Overseas

Kaine just said that Hillary Clinton is the only president that can stop terrorism.  She will do this because she has a stable plan to it.  Kaine goes on to say that Clinton helped take Bin Laden and will continue to help take down Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS.  He then says that Trump is not capable of doing this because he has no plan, will shoot someone over a twitter war, and continues to trash talk the military.  Throughout this statement he uses not only ethos by logos to connect with the viewers.  He uses ethos by saying that she is the only one capable of taking down ISIS because she has a plan and has experience with terrorism and taking down very dangerous people.  He uses logos by saying that Kaine and Clinton will take down ISIS and everyone obviously wants to take down ISIS and limit terrorism no matter who is president.  If Kaine is saying he will do that then why not vote for him.  Kaine has continued to use ethos as a way to connect with the audience and attack Pence and his counter part Donald Trump.

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