Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Political Gap

One of the newer issues in America's current politics is the increasing gap between Republican voters and Democrat voters has grown. This means that many more people are strictly Democrat, and many others are strictly Republican. Many fewer people are now inclined to have opinions from both parties. This could cause more tensions between the two parties, as both are continuously having less and less shared values. shows are graph of three studies, 1994, 2004, and 2014 that show the percentage of voter inclined towards each party.
From this graph it's very clear how dramatically voters positions have changed over time. As the percentage of voters went down ten percent, the amount of voters strongly inclined to each party has tripled. If this flaw in the system doesn't return to normal, ever more extreme candidates will be elected giving us potentially unqualified candidates whose only good quality is their appeal to extremists.


  1. I did not realize that this was happening. It is a little frightening that Americans are so fixed on having a label for themselves, political or otherwise, that it is severely dividing the entire country. Living in a country with all kinds of beliefs and freedom and ideas is awesome, but when it becomes an issue of being divided into two separate groups that resent the other so much, it gets to be problematic. We can't enjoy our differences if we care about our labels so much.

  2. I was unaware how people are becoming more adamant in their beliefs. If this continues, campaigns will become less important because there less people to persuade.