Sunday, October 2, 2016

The not so hard choice

Image result for hillary clinton funny facesIn the 2016 presidential election if i could vote i would vote for Donald trump, A 70 year republican business man. Donald trump went to Wharton school of the university of Pennsylvania and gotten a degree in economics. With this degree he began to buy and rent out buildings, by doing this he became a billionaire. now , Donald trump is running to be the president of the united states. He is running against Hillary Clinton. In all honesty if i think that both Hillary Clinton and Donald trump is bad choices. But out of the two i think that the lesser of two evils would be Donald trump. So, my main choice for choosing Donald trump is that i really don't want to vote for Hillary Clinton. One of The reasons i don't want to vote for Hillary Clinton is the email scandal. When Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state she sent confidential email through her personal email account. She tried to cover her tracks by saying she didn't do it and when they proved that she did she said that she didn't know what she was doing. Even though she did it multiple times and had many of her employees tell her it was wrong. And still she continues to claim that she didn’t know what she was doing. Another reason is that she is suppose to be the secretary of state, the head of foreign affairs and this country is facing one of its worst times with the middle east. There continues to be people coming from the middle east and attacking people in america. There continues to be a war on terror and since she was a secretary of state, the Boston bombing has happened and the largest mass shooting in american history has happened. Both by men who went to the middle east and came back to america and hurt people. For these reason i do not see Hillary Clinton as a suitable candidate and therefore would have to vote for Donald trump.

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