Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Debate #3, Post #3

In conclusion, I think that both candidates repeated themselves a lot, Trump more than Clinton. Also, both candidates were vague on their plans for the country and how to get the country in the right direction. Trump made digs at Clinton about how she hasn't made any changes in the thirty years she was in office, her role in the middle east, her husband, etc. Clinton talks about Trumps statements about women, his tax returns, etc. Both of the candidates focused largely on how the other candidate is flawed instead of mainly focusing on their own political plans for the country. Clinton spoke to all Americans in her last statement which I think helped her campaign. When Trump made his last statement, he focused on how Clinton will not make a difference in the country, instead of making statements that would help him get votes in November. Overall, this debate was more civil than the first.

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  1. I agree with you in thinking that clinton speaking to all americans helped her, and that, trump is not helping his campaign by constantly attacking clinton. while both of them attacked each other, hillary has more substance/talks about her campaign more than trump does.