Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mike Pence for VP

Mike Pence won the debate so noticeably that respected CNN newscasters were quoted saying he won the debate handedly. The social media world agreed with the claim made by CNN, with tweets saying things like “There is no doubt who won this debate,” and “Mike Pence won the debate hands down.” Pence deserves recognition for his success in this debate, after having been left with a large responsibility to clean up the mess that Trump had created in the first presidential debate. Mike Pence won the debate by remaining level-headed throughout the entirety of the discussion, despite being repeatedly provoked by Kaine, and by also arguing his points efficiently, giving clear examples of how he and Trump plan to make change as the Republican nominees.

Mike Pence was the winner from the very beginning because he remained calm, cool and collected even as Kaine made attacks at Pence’s running partner, Donald Trump. Throughout the debate, Pence professionally ignored the attacks made by Kaine on Trump and rather focused solely on arguing his point or blasting the Democratic party, specifically the mistakes of Clinton and Obama, and repeatedly shaming Kaine for his constant interruptions. Pence also came prepared to perform, as he addressed the camera often, recognizing that he had to connect with the audience at home rather than only those at the debate in order to attract undecided voters.

Pence offered concise points about the Republican party’s plan and exemplified how they will help America reach its peak again. One of his main arguments was made as Pence recognized that America’s place in the world has weakened as the economy has stifled. He argued that because Donald Trump is a very successful businessman, who has built businesses through good and bad times, he will facilitate the bounce back of the economy. This statement was supported further because Trump has the track-record of bringing up extraordinary business acumen and employing thousands of people. Pence went even further to say how he and Trump plan to get the economy moving again, just as it has in the past. By lowering taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms, ending the war on coal that is hurting jobs, repealing Obamacare, and repealing all of the executive orders that Barack Obama has signed that are stifling economic growth in this economy, Trump and Pence will create a better economy. By using this specific instance and many more, Pence is appealing to the voters because it shows them that if he and Trump are elected, they would work for change.

In conclusion, Pence aimed the focus of his side of the debate on his and Trump’s strongest pitch, making change in America. While delivering all of his arguments professionally, Pence remained level-headed and calm in the face of adversity, as Kaine challenged his and Trump’s intentions. Pence won points on substance during the 2016 Vice Presidential debate, using his former radio talk show host manner to deliver what the audience wanted to hear.

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