Thursday, October 13, 2016

Donald Trump's New TV Ad: Corruption

This ad does exactly what it states, it attacks the Clinton family on the idea that they are corrupt. From rags to riches, broke to hundreds of millions due to money being pouring into their account by criminals, foreign enemies, and dictators. It does not stop there, it continues with accusations of her selling out american workers and handing over american uranium rights to the Russians. By using this ad to attack Hillary Donald Trump is appealing to pathos. As he often does, Donald Trump tries to "expose" Hillary and her character to take heat off of his wrongs and it is no different with this ad. The ad makes Hillary look like a terrible person by including accusations but we can see what type of person Donald is with recordings of his locker room talk.

Not only does this heavily focus on pathos but it also shows hints on logos by stating all of the ways that she is possibly corrupt. If you state a list of accusations like these, the logical thing to do would be not vote for her but only to the citizens who do not heavily follow politics or know the wrongs of the other candidate.

The music in the ad switches from mysterious to more down which also goes along with the depiction of Hillary they want to present. In my opinion this ad is full of accusations to make Hillary look worse than she is and take heat off of Donald Trump.

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