Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Future of America, Our Future. In Whose Hands?

     As a junior in high school I am exposed to and am aware of the problems the United States is faced with. Unfortunately I will not be of voting age by November. As a responsible citizen I still feel a need to stay informed and educated on current politics, as the people put into to power and the decisions made today will directly effect my life in the United States tomorrow. For many reasons this election has been remarkable. To an outside viewer it may seem almost comical, but to those living in America this election has been stressful and almost frightening. At this point the candidates before the American people are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. To many, the fact that these are the two people out of the entire country we have chosen as candidates for a position as powerful as commander in chief is infuriating. If I could vote, I would feel an overwhelming obligation to vote for Hillary Clinton. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton however, and I do not like how she presents herself as a candidate and I do not agree with some of her ideas and propositions. Despite my aversion towards Hillary Clinton. the reason I would vote for her lies in the nature of her opponent. 
    Donald Trump represents the worst of American society, he is a living collection of the corrupt ideologies and morals that endanger the integrity of the United States. I am ashamed I live in a country that has nominated him as the republican candidate for President. Off the bat this description might sound like it comes from a "brainwashed liberal millennial" but I have arrived at this conclusion through careful and logical analysis of Trump's words and actions so hear me out. Trump does not have the morals and values I would deem appropriate for a president. Trump is not trustworthy and would not be a responsible leader.
     Trump has made fun of people with disabilities. Trump has made numerous sexist remarks and does not act respectfully towards women. Trump has disrespected veterans. Trump has discriminated against minorities as a businessman and as a politician. I cannot support a candidate that I feel does not support the entirety of the American people. I believe that any person with the power to make decisions that effect a populous should be an advocate for that society and keep their needs in mind. 
     Trump has never been in office in any level of government. Without official record of his positions on certain matters, Trump can say that he said or did anything, given that it is hard to look back and see if he did say or do what he says he has. This allows Donald Trump to mold his image to whatever he feels will attract voters. Trump does not need to stand by any reputation, his supporters do not look past the story Trump says is his history. Trump can lie about anything, fact checking is not instantaneous and therefore looses its power to discredit him as he quickly moves on to the next outrageous comment or speech. Trump is dangerous, he is manipulative and lacks empathy. Throughout his career, both private and political, Trump has said and done whatever he feels will make him money or get attention. Trump's highest priority is himself. For example. Trump says he cares about the middle class and that he wants to create jobs in America. As a CEO of a massive enterprise, his exportation of jobs and abuse of lower class workers says something else about how he feels about middle class America.  He has time and time again shown his ability to push other people down to boost himself up. Be that for profit or votes. A president can not be a person who uses other people for personal gain.
    Trumps ideas do not make sense. His plans lack any logic and can never be implemented. Trump says he will do all of these great things for the United States but never explains how. To avoid carpal tunnel I will only dissect one of his preposterous propositions, as there is an abundance of moronic and absent minded ideas from Donald Trump. Trump has declared that he will build a wall across the US-Mexico border. The idea of the wall does not even make sense. In the 1200's Mongolians figured out how to climb over a wall, how will this wall be any different. The analogy is flawed, granted, but the logic remains. Sure, you can put barbed wire on the wall or do whatever you want but it is human nature to find a way. I do not think Trump is familiar with with the border itself, or he would know building a wall would be an undertaking of immeasurable  proportions. There are lakes, canyons,  and even national parks that are on the border. Besides the wall being a flaw in and of itself, Trump's plan to pay for it is a joke. Sure, saying that Mexico will pay for the wall sounds nice but the United States has no power to make Mexico pay for the wall. When confronted by this fact, Trump says his plan to make Mexico pay for the wall will be to tax Mexican imports. I am astonished that as a "successful" businessman he does not realize that is impossible. Taxing imports raises the price for Americans, if you charge a Mexican company more for bringing products into the United States they will in turn charge Americans buying them  more. That is basic economics. The idea of a tariff is to make foreign goods more expensive so American companies can compete. For a businessman who has exported jobs, I feel like Trump should know this. 
    I would vote for Hillary Clinton because I would never forgive myself for not fighting against Trump.

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