Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary or Donald who's the better choice

In the previous presidential debate that just took place Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off against each other in probably the most important presidential debate ever taken place in history. Both candidates with a strong following and specific beneficial backgrounds. Hillary being a politician who knows the system and how to work within the system she's competing in and Donald Trump appealing to many wealthy citizens of the United States. Both candidates put up an amazing and persuading argument but I think we all know that there was a clear victor he in this "battle of the ages". 

Hillary Clinton has always been a great debater and has been a politician for quite some time now, so debates and political arguments are nothing new for her to wrap her head around and comprehend. Hillary during the debate on Monday night showed great sportsmanship, tranquility, and "friendly comments" to Donald Trump on that night. She was very calm and collected about the situation and the questions the mediator (Lester Holt) asked. She gave a fantastic argument that riled up her followers as well as gained her new followers to vote for her in this upcoming election. Not only did she stay tranquil she also showed America how funny and such a good sport she can be. During the debate you could see her chuckling and laughing at what was said and made jokes herself in response to what Trump said several times that got good reactions from the audience. People were worried for Hillary because there were such high expectations for her in this debate and I think everyone agrees that she did not hesitate in actually succeeding America's standards for her in this last debate. However, was it enough to defeat her notorious opponent Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, being the incredible businessman had surprisingly low expectations going into this debate. However, I think Trump did a fantastic job in the debate against Clinton on Monday. Trump was the most respectful, patient, and  mature candidate up there. All of his responses to the questions asked were clearly answered and made perfect sense. He never once made an inappropriate or unnecessary comment and was very respectful when it was Clinton's turn to speak. He was very mature during the entire debate and never once acted childish through it. I believe he will truly and wholeheartedly  "Make America great Again".

I think we have a clear winner here though and it would be none other than Donald Trump. He is always such an inspirational person and I want to be like him when I grow up.

Just Kidding Hillary Clinton most definitely won.

Debate Ends In A Draw?

September 26th was the first official presidential debate, bringing in about 80 million live viewers. Honestly this debate was on an unfair playing fields for both sides. Hillary, an experienced politician, well known debater, and not her first time on the campaign trail; while Trump is not a politician. Expectations; however, for Hillary were high making it harder to win over some voters and the majority of people had very low expectation.

But this debate began to quickly resemble a trash talk exchange between two sporting opponents. And while Clinton was way more prepared than Trump, She keeps a joking, sarcastic face on throughout the debate. I admit I found this all amusing but this probably did hurt her chances with some voters. This probably would have lost her the debate against any other candidate, but Trump was almost not prepared at all. He constantly went over his time, interrupting not only only Clinton but the moderator as well, and denying past things that he has said. 

So in contrast Hillary came in prepared, accepting and apologizing for the emails, and clearly answering the questions and stating her terms. While Trump showed up mumbling "I didn't say that" interrupting various moments of her speech and stating that U. S. is a third world country. 

The debate left a lot of the public unclear on many topics, but everyone can agree that Lester was able to finish the debate off strong.


Preparation and Confidence Wins the Race

Preparation and Confidence Wins the Race 

This year's presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been long awaited and hyped up by all of America. Advertisements for the debate looked like they were produced by UFC, and millions of people tuned in. Whether or not the debate resembled a reality t.v show is beside the point, what everyone cares about is 'who won?'. Through rigorous trials of interruption and fact checking, it is clear that the most prepared and respectable candidate was Clinton. Putting all political views aside, Trump always resorts to personal jabs and his own self ego when giving speeches. Clinton focuses more on the political issues at hand. During the debate she actually took up her time to answer the questions and knew how to appeal to her audience. Trump continued to interrupt, insult, and invoke his egotistical attitude which his fans loves.

Both candidates are guilty, however, of using their audiences' hatred of the other candidate to their advantage. Clinton repeats the phrase 'Trumped up, Trickled down' throughout the debate, and Trump states he 'has better judgement and temperament' than her. Over all, the debate barely covered all the questions asked, and each topics ended up with a discussion of Clinton email scandal or Trump's tax issues. The whole presidential debate was a big ball of pathos, trying to make themselves look good by making each other look bad. This even caused the audience to clap and shout many times, which they aren't allowed to do. As much of a mess this election is, most people are seeing the professionalism and poise of Clinton that is needed in a president. Trump is always cocky, but it was clear he was not prepared to answer some of Clinton and the moderator's questions. He continually interjected with 'wrongs' and 'I didn't say that'. This debate is just an example that in order to win a debate, preparation and the right attitude is key.

Did Hillary Really Win?

On Monday night tens of millions of people sat out their TVs to watch the debate of the century. We watched one completely unprepared Donald make a fool of himself by spewing several false facts and Hillary sink slowly down to her opponent's level. According to polls afterwards, Hillary had come out on top. But did she actually win over any supporters?

Coming into the debate I was completely prepared for Donald Trump to, again, make a fool of himself. Because of this, I was not at all surprised when he demonstrated that he was completely unprepared and struggled to keep his facts straight. I did not however have as low of expectations for Hillary Clinton so when she showed disrespect for Trump by laughing at what he was saying, I was surprised.

The large majority of Trump supporters will be very hard to change their minds in my opinion. I think that Clinton may have compromised her goal of winning over supporters by laughing at her opponent. Clinton seemed immature and most likely offended many of Trump’s supporters. Immaturity has always been expected from Trump but certainly not Hillary. For this reason she may have turned off some undecided voters from her. All in all, it is clear that Hillary won the debate because of her actual plans to transform America but did she win any new supporters?

Does the presidential debate have a winner?

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    In the first presidential debate Hillary Clinton demolished Trump with her arguments, maturity and the obvious preparation for this debate. Trump was targeting Hillary personally, interrupting and just lying during the debate. Clinton not only expressed good ways to solve current problems but she dealt with Trump well throughout the entire debate, this is why Clinton won.
    Throughout the debate Clinton used a good variety of logos and pathos. Whenever asked a question she had a logical answer about how to fix the problem presented. When Trump was asked any question he would either ramble about other topics, explain how the problem was created (but had no voice about how to fix it) or explain how Clinton is at fault for this problem. Hillary used logos throughout the debate to get her point across. At one point Trump said Hillary did not have the stamina to be Americas next President. Clinton calmly waited for her turn to speak and then said "As soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, and a cease fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities in nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina". This was definitely one of the more popular moments of the debate because it uses logos and it also makes Trump look like a fool.
    Clinton did not only put up good solutions in her answers, she steadily reacted well to the unpredictable side of Donald Trump. Trump would constantly talk about an issue in America and then say that the whole problem started because of secretary Clinton. At one point when Trump was asking a question he talked for a minute and a half solely about how he has an amazing temperament, and that Clinton's temperament is out of control. When it is Clinton's turn to talk she brings up how one time Trump said he would blow the Iranian sailors out of the water and start another war, and as she is talking Trump just leans into the mic and says "That would not start another war". This is one of many situations like this in the debate. Hillary constantly stayed calm and collected while constantly being blamed for all of Americas problems while Trump was all over the place and out of control. 
     Trump wasn't good at answering questions throughout the debate, he often tried to use pathos to cover up his lack of knowledge on the subject. When he did answer a question with logos, it was usually a lie. Many times throughout the debate Trump said things that were just not true, and denied it when he was called out. At one point when asked about stop and frisk, he talked about how well it worked in New York. When the moderator explains that stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional because it was seen as racial profiling, Trump first responded saying "No, you're wrong" and then saying "The argument is that we have to take the guns away from these people who have them and are bad people that shouldn't have them". Those were his exact words. Clearly Trump does not the attitude or personality to be America's next President. 

Does This Blog Post Appeal To Millennials?

Given the number of people that tuned in this Monday, chances are you saw the first presidential debate. And given the number of Snapchat users at OPRF, chances are you also saw Donald Trump's debate day geofilter.

Now I supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries and I proudly support Hillary now, so I might be a little biased in saying I found this to be completely obnoxious, especially considering that there was no alternative filter of Clinton supporters. 

Throughout the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton has developed a reputation for trying too hard to appeal to millennials. While there is absolutely truth in that, Donald Trump is having an even harder time appealing to young voters with less than 2% of his supporters being under the age of thirty (source). His struggle to win over young voters can be chalked up to the fact that millennials are an exceptionally liberal generation, both socially and economically. So how is Trump going to win over that key demographic? Social media, obviously. Everybody knows about Trump's twitter and if don't follow him at this point, you're probably not ever going to follow him. So Trump has to find another platform to reach out online. And if you're trying to appeal to millennials, you go to Snapchat.

While the average age of Twitter users is roughly 32, the large majority of snapchat users are under 30. Nearly half of all snapchat users are under 25 and another 30% are under 35. And despite being unpopular with most people in that demographic, Trump's filter actually got a lot of use.

Going back to how Clinton has struggled to win over younger voters; she has developed a reputation for desperately trying (and failing) to seem cool and relatable, which has ultimately led to people mocking her online for being out of touch. As much as millennials dislike Trump, the majority of them aren't too enthusiastic about Hillary either. More and more young voters are choosing to vote for third party candidates or just not vote at all because Hillary doesn't appeal to them like Bernie Sanders did. Bernie was an uncomplicated candidate who wanted to stand up to economic and political institutions, and Hillary crushed him in the primaries. For this reason, the simple attack on Hillary's character rather than a projection of Trump's platform was probably the most effective way to entice snapchat users to actually use the filter. Had it displayed the border wall at the bottom, it just wouldn't have been used.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The games begin: Trump vs. Clinton

In the most recent political debate, we saw a true reflection of both of the candidates. On one side, we have a babbling idiot that claims his opponent is always wrong, and on the other side, we have a woman that is untrustworthy, and questionable for the job. So who won more voters in this one debate?
One thing that I must clear up, is that when looking at debates, we have to look at it from a level playing field. No one had any sort of expectations for Donald Trump going into this debate, so if he did anything good, we would be surprised by this. Now, Hillary going into this debate had very high expectations, and the only way for her to go, is down. So for the sake of this blog, we will look as if both of the candidates were at an equal level: Both could gain supporters, but at the same time, could lose supporters.

Donald showed us that he has no business in being president. He was unprepared, sloppy, and overall rude the whole time. His facial expressions showed how childish he is. The way that he interrupted also showed this point. If Trump had people on the verge of losing supporters to Hillary, he would have lost a large majority of them.

Hillary on the other hand, was prepared, and was calm and collected during the whole thing. Hillary showed that she was better suited for the job than trump was. On the other hand, she did not have much of a voice in the debate, which shows to me that she might not have the backbone to do the job. But of the two that debated, Hillary was the clear winner.

One thing that I would also like to see in these debates, is more people. There are other candidates that have a large portion of voters, that some people do not know about. It would be interesting if they had three of maybe four people on the stage at one time to show other people in the race as well!

Hillary Takes Game 1

On the evening of September 26, 2016, two rival candidates faced off in one of the most anticipated debates in the history of politics. Republican vs. Democrat, Trump vs. Hillary. Despite the hype of this event, it seems that Hillary has taken the debate over Trump by extensively answering the questions directly and showing how she is capable of taking the job to lead the country in the direction of success.

It became apparent throughout the debate to which candidate had spent time preparing, and who had decided to "wing it". Trump's seemingly eternal rants only resulted in millions of heads shaking and blunt comments to TV screens. American's watching everywhere were thrown off by obvious lies and Trump's ability to dodge any question tossed his way. On the other hand, Hillary was a confident speaker and was clearly prepared to give a speech of a future president. Her sharp, witty comments in rebuttal to Trump's claims showed her as a strong yet soft/relatable person.

In contradiction to Trump's ability to rant pointlessly for two minutes, Hillary was answering questions promptly and with evidence and specific incidents to back up her claims. By not preparing for this debate, Trump dug himself a hole. His sole option was to attempt to bash Hillary and all of her ideas, his own plan ended up working against him. Hillary knew going into the debate that Trump's strategy was to attack her and what she believes in. Despite his actions, Hillary was able to keep her cool, and follow through with her thoughts and show her audience how she can be successful in this specific place of power.

All in all, some might think that Trump's ability to refute with aggression is a positive, but not when trying to decide who should be the next president of the United States. Trump back himself into a wall by not preparing for this debate, and it costed him both popularity and possibly being the president.

The Politician Lost

I think that Donald Trump won the first 2016 Presidential debate. Trump did not get up there and act like a typical politician. He was not fake, unlike Clinton. Trump did not sound like he was reading off a paper when he was talking, it seemed more natural. Also, Trump focused on making his ideas for the country known and he brought up specific ideas to help the middle class and get more money in their pockets. He also brought up the debt. He asked why our debt is so high and why we have very little to show for it. These reason show that Trump presented himself as a stronger candidate.
Clinton had a fake smile, fake reactions and gave the people what they wanted to hear. Examples like how she is going to tax the rich, how trump is a racist, how he won’t show us his tax returns, how he was for the war in Iraq, and how he thinks that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., all prove this point. These are all things that Americans feed on, they want to hear this, Clinton is giving them what they want. Yes, Trump has conflicting views on topics, makes unprofessional decisions when he speaks, and doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut all the time, but Clinton just sounded immature and wanted to point the finger at Trump. Instead of focusing on making her arguments strong by them self, she put more effort into making Trump seem weak on issues that should not be the main focus when discussing the pressing issues in this country and its future. Clinton also brought up her father and husband and their accomplishes instead of focusing on her merits. Trump didn’t bring up the emails until Clinton brought up the tax returns which I think is something to point out. Trump got up there and spoke honestly and truthfully, it didn’t sound scripted and there were no fake smiles, probably because he is not a politician. This is why I think Trump was the stronger candidate in this debate. Politics in America is all about being fake, do I think these two are the best candidates for the job, no. But I do think that being real when it comes to the future of America is better than just trying to win a popularity contest and then have no idea what to do once in office, yes. Politics has become a contest about just giving the people what they want to hear. I think this is because of the politicians that America has created. Trump is not one of those, he is flawed, but not a politician. Lastly, Trump brought up pressing issues in America today like keeping the middle class on their feet, as opposed to less important issues like global warming. He wants to keep the jobs in the U.S., bring back the ones that were lost and do this by giving big and small businesses a chance and not regulating and taxing them out of business, he will cut their taxes from 35% to 15%, this is how I think the country will prosper, honestly. Trump has spent most of his life creating jobs so I see truth in his want for Americans to succeed. Lastly, Trump brings up the topic that is touchy in this country, the debt. Our country is $19 trillion in debt and we still have failing roads, bridges and airports. He is not afraid to say this he believes that this is not acceptable.

Overall Trump was real and focused and determined on telling us his goals to make America great again, this is the candidate that won the first 2016 Presidential Debate. I challenge you to have an open mind when reading this post and think outside the box as I know I did when writing it.

What A Show: Donald vs Hillary

The first presidential debate for the 2016 election was quite the spectacle. Expected to be one of the most viewed television broadcasts of all time, it surely put up with an astounding 71.5 million watchers live according to the New York Times.

Throughout the debate, both candidates went back and forth arguing as well as throwing some jokes in here and there which I can respect, but that doesn't make a better debate. The debate was riddled with interjections from the audience, insults between candidates, and a lack the presidential feel you may expect from a debate (but you might have expected it here). From my perspective however, the debate had a clear winner. Hillary won the first presidential debate.

The day after the debate, my history teacher Mr. Martin put it perfectly; Both candidates had something to prove, and Hillary was the only one to accomplish her goals. In the election you expected Trump to be himself, loud, insensitive, and prideful. While he didn't insult anyone too much, he still displayed the big thing everyone had a problem with. He still didn't fit the mold as presidential. Hillary was expected to preach the same things she always had and be a new robotic Obama clone. She however came to the debate calm and stern, while also keeping the mood lighter to not stick out as mechanical debating machine compared to the arrogant joker next to her. She also kept a professional attitude and only insulted or interrupted Trump a few times, which can't be said about Trump's performance. Trump did excellently for the first ten minutes or so of the debate, but soon cracked and devolved into his normal persona. Hillary kept her presidential attitude on throughout the whole display, earning her the victory for the first debate.

Win for Clinton

Monday evening was the first of three highly anticipated presidential debates of this election season. Perhaps one of the most viewed presidential debates in history, all of the time leading up to it had everyone wondering who would ultimately "win" the discussion. I believe that most predicted Hillary would be the winner, and she was indeed.

Regardless of your political stance, it is undeniable that Hillary handled the questions much better and carried herself with much more dignity than Trump did on that Hempstad stage.
Aside from the upperhand she began with by going into Monday night with years and years of experience in politics, Clinton also never lost her cool, kept her composure even when Trump was practically shoting in her ear, never became angry back at Trump for cutting her off or saying something offensive, and overall presented herself much better than her opponent did.

Clinton also won this debate simply for the fact that she answered all of the questions she was asked head on. Trump on the other hand, about half of the time floundered around on stage until he found some sort of half-answer or cop out that could appease Lester and the audience.

Hillary, throughout the night, was able to connect with her audience on a personal level, address and explain why the hesitations that some people may have about voting for her are not worth worrying about, and make the people of America believe that she cares for and will fight for them.

Obviously Hillary came into the debate much more equipped to win, something Trump tried to poke fun at her for, and Trump came in relying solely on whatever he could think to say, as long as he said something. He always needs to say something.

The Donald Doesn't Have The Stamina

The presidential debate last Monday was an embarrassment to Americans everywhere. Hillary Clinton clearly won the debate. She won because she answered questions in a clear and conscience manner, she kept her composure, and she gave solutions to problems, however ill-founded they may be.

Hillary Clinton answered her questions with real answers that were obviously thought out in advance, while her opposition went to the debate unprepared. Nearly every one of her answers was real and not created to get her out of her of tough situations. While not every she said was correct, she at least knew what she was doing up there, not just making a fuss.

Hillary Clinton managed to keep her composure while she was debating. She simply smiled when Donald Trump bombarded her with insults. Donald Trump on the other hand lost his composure and interrupted both the moderator and Hillary Clinton, he constantly talked over both of them and was out of line seemingly every time someone spoke. While composure doesn't affect the validity of each of their policies, it does affect who the viewer thinks won the debate, and Donald Trump made a fool of himself, leading the viewer to believe he lost.

Hillary Clinton gave solutions to her problems. Donald Trump on the other hand laid out almost no solutions to any of the problems that he was asked about. He dodged questions all night. He answered why he kept asking for Obama's birth certificate after he released it, by saying he did a great job at getting it. Not answering the actually question. Hillary gave real solutions like green job creation, and tax reform, Trump just attacked her personally and professionally instead of creating a dialogue on political solutions.

In the end Hillary Clinton destroyed Donald Trump from almost every angle. She was far more prepared, answered questions clearly, she could keep her temper in check and gave solutions. Donald Trump was just under prepared for the debate. He might have stood a chance if he just practiced.

Hillary Clinton's Debate Skills May Have Cost Her a Social Win

This week's presidential debate was a show like no other. Clinton was composed, calm, almost cocky in her extreme confidence of her debate skills. Trump was the exact opposite; uncivilized, brash, and floundering in his attempt to fit the mold of a proper debater. Lester Holt just seemed tired. The amount of informality in the debate was incredibly surprising, and I have no doubt this debate will go down in a history book somewhere. What result will be reported?

Chances are, people will look back on this and say that Hillary Clinton won. Clearly, she blew Trump completely out of the water with her refined arguments and practically perfected debate skills. Her claims were supported, for the most part, by sound evidence and she refuted his claims with ease. Trump, on the other hand, failed to behave with an ounce of formality and his arguments and evidence were disappointing at best. Had this been a graded presentation in a class, Clinton would have passed with flying colors while Trump would've scraped by with a 3% for effort. 

However, this debate is a real life event with real life repercussions. Debate skills only make up half the criteria for a win - the other half is how well the candidate was received. Clinton and Trump were speaking to very difference audiences in this debate, and Trump managed to make his failure to argue into a successful connection with his main voting block. These are the kinds of people who support him because "he's not afraid to speak his mind" and "he says what needs to be said, when it needs to be said". They support him because he is uncivil, brash, and frantic. He doesn't wait to form an eloquent argument and present it in due time. He drops out his truth in the moment, even though it may not be accurate or appropriate.

Hillary, on the other hand, is on paper-thin ice. Trump's slogan of "Crooked Hillary" is reflected by many minority Democrats as well as conservative Republicans who feel as though Hillary will not represent them and that she will manipulate the presidency in an ultimately harmful manner. She needs to do everything she possibly can to convince them that she will not bend truth in order to get her point. 

Yet, during this debate, she made several rash statements that fact checkers proved false, which is far more devastating to her than anything else Trump did. Being rude and incorrect is expected and even encouraged from him. It's part of his brand. But for Hillary, every slip up is a few more votes taken away because her years of political and diplomatic experience is useless in the face of a wrong fact in the eyes of many. She's a liar, proven here plain and simple, they say. She can't be trusted with the Presidency. 

Though Clinton's experience clearly outweighs Trump's in every way, shape, or form; her audience is prone to be far more skeptical and nit-picky of every minuscule mistake she makes. Trump's audience thrives on him being uncivil and unprepared because it gives him a "more genuine" sense. Hillary's confidence in this debate may have been enough to convince her audience that she is trustworthy; but more likely than not Trump will receive praise for his sub-par performance, while Clinton will receive backlash for her fantastic one. Social response to this debate may very well reverse the academic analysis that Hillary was the clear winner and give Trump an advantage and even greater support from his crowd.

Hillary takes the W

Monday night was the first out of three presidential debates. People have been constantly talking about who won and who lost. It’s been all over news channels and being talking about in every which way. However there was a candidate that clearly new what she was doing up there. She came prepared and she came ready to fight for her beliefs. And that candidate is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary came into this debate with ideas and solutions to help better our country. Even though they might not have all been completely accurate or what people wanted to hear, she at least had some direction. Unlike candidate Donald Trump who avoided most questions just by restating the issue, promoting himself, his business, his website, or just arguing with Hillarys points saying they were incorrect. Not only did Hillary come prepared with information, she came with a sense of class and knowledge of how to present herself on camera. She had good posture throughout the debate, unlike Trumps immaturity of leaning into the microphone every time she spoke, and interrupted her saying “wrong.”Even when you could tell she was getting upset with him she still held herself together and just laughed it off.

Trump was asked the question of why he was hiding his tax returns. He then used ethos and asked Hillary about her deleted emails. Trump refused to answer the question by bringing up a wrong on Hillary's part. This was not the only time he used ethos in this debate. He constantly brought up how proud of himself he was, he told us how great his business was, and used the classic caught phrase of how he’s going to “make america great again.” But never actually says how he is going to do so.

Clearly this debate had a candidate that was well prepared and was well presented. On the other hand there was a candidate who struggled to talk about real issues and talked about himself instead. It’s usually kind of hard to say who actually won a debate but this time around it was very clear.

The Debate of the Century

The most anticipated televised debate ever, between Hillary Clinton, with many years of political experience, and Donald Trump, who considers himself an "outsider." Whether that is good or bad is purely left to opinion. However, the outcome of the debate, decided on by both Democrats and Republicans, is Hillary Clinton.
Debates are not just won on your opinion on the candidates policy alone, the actual performance of the candidates also matters. During the speech, Hillary Clinton had a far better composure, and was able to to stay calm and relaxed throughout the speech, whilst Trump was beginning to lose his temperament early on. Clinton also was much more relaxed, waiting for Trump to finish his argument before countering him, whilst Trump would interject far before Clinton had finished her point. Trump, throughout the speech looked far more concerned then Clinton, who was able to smile and connect with the crowd throughout the debate.
Another reason Clinton was the clear winner was her ability to, at multiple points, have zingers that Trump was unable to recover from. Trump at many times denied claims made by Clinton about him, that were in fact, true.
Throughout the debate, it was obvious that Clinton had the edge on Trump, and people who voted on the winner proved that.

Presidential Debate Performances

As the dawn of new leadership is a mere two months from its tremendously anticipated arrival, each facet of even the slightest utterances and actions of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been, and are to be analyzed and compared to a flawlessly meticulous extent. As such attention was drawn to Monday's commencement of the first of a series of presidential debates between the two candidates, Clinton's several arguments were, evidently, of considerably greater substance and merit than those of Trump.
It became apparent to me that Monday evening's debate began to wane in proven and relevant material as time progressed. Both Trump and Clinton, in several areas, abandoned their arguments entirely in order to assert a claim of incorrectness regarding the opposing candidate. A great deal of Hillary's ambitious jabs at Trump were, more often than not, provable and well applicable to the subject of debate, which frequently acknowledged the invalidity of points argued by Trump to be truthful or worthy of general acceptance. Contrarily, Trump's resentful swings at Hillary were often given motion by unsubstantiated gossip, most often regarding Clinton's E-Mails, her personal characteristics of which deviated far from her capability to perform adequately as president, along with several references made to the previous wrongdoings and shortcomings of her husband, most of which being either unverifiable or lacking in relevance and effectiveness to his claim. Upon the grounds of argumentative strength, material, and pertinence, Hillary Clinton has successfully achieved, in this particular instance, a position of advantage. 
In conclusion, although both candidates were indeed blameworthy of numerous digressions from the direction of the debate to separate extents, Hillary's tended to manifested a semi-consistent standard of which conformed to valuable and notably potent information to each of the few subjects explored during this segment of the presidential debates. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who won the first debate??

September 26th, 2016 marked the first presidential debate between the two candidates that you see above and the was supposed to be the most watched debate ever. This debate in my opinion lived up to the hype but it was somewhat a one sided debate with the advantage going to Hillary because she had answered questions with concise answer, whereas Donald Trump dodged questions as if he were Floyd Mayweather dodging punches.

Donald Trump admittedly did not prepare for this debate and it showed because of the way he dodged questions and answered them with what he wanted to say, focused on making Hillary look bad instead of him doing well, and awkwardly denying statements that everyone knew were true. His ability to dodge questions and then blame them on Hillary worked hand and hand in this debate because when he was asked a question he would answer it how he wanted then continue to say "politicians like Hillary", and this continued all night. It was so noticeable that Hillary acknowledged it, during one of Trumps rants Hillary says " I guess by the end of the night I'll be blamed for everything" and Trump responds by saying "why not". Here and there Trump had a few good jabs at Hillary like her 33,000 emails that were deleted and the shots she took and President Obama but not she says everything is good between them, but even then Hillary came back with her own with the fact that Trump has not released his taxes, has under paid workers, filed for business bankruptcy multiple times, and was sued multiple times for discrimination. The difference of these two candidates attacks were the effectiveness of them, when Hillary decided to attack Trump it felt like it would hurt his reputation more then when Trump attacked Hillary. Not only that but some of his attacks were turned right back around to negatively affect him, like when he was all around meet people and Hillary was not she responded by saying I was preparing for this debate and to be president which was a huge blow.

During this debate Donald Trump heavily leaned of ethos and his business while Hillary focused on logos which in my opinion is the best way to go. Ethos was used by Donald trump because when he look at all of the wrong that has been done has occurred due to Obama or Clinton and they have not done anything to fix the issues. It was impossible for Trump to use logos because he never answered a question properly.  But for Hillary every fix or thing she has in plan she had facts to back it up and for that reason alone Hillary could have and in fact did win this debate.

Clinton Takes the Debate

The 2016 presidential debate on Monday, September 26 was an awfully one-sided debate, as Hillary Clinton decisively beat Donald Trump because when Hillary was approached with questions, she used her extensive knowledge on worldly issues to answer them directly and provide thoughtful explanations as to how she intends to solve American problems.

While Trump often went on tirades without a destination, Hillary’s arguments were effective and to the point. An example of a well-thought out argument Hillary made was on the topic of race relations. Hillary recognized that race relations still remain an issue because of uncontrolled bias, a topic seldom talked about, and offered a plan to restore trust between communities. It was important that Hillary acknowledged her audience when making this argument because she had to appeal mainly to minority groups, such as the African American and Hispanic populations. Trump, on the other hand, while arguing solely about the importance of “law and order”, did not take into account the audience while he, unsurprisingly, made racist remarks, such as promoting the stop-and-frisk policy, a form of racial profiling.

Clinton came into the debate unsurprisingly well-prepared, using her broad knowledge not only to improve her arguments but also to slam Trump, damaging his case, while Trump had nothing in return to say but rather responded with irrelevant rants. One example of this was on the topic of tax returns when Hillary suggested that the reason Trump was not releasing his tax returns was because he was either not as wealthy as he claims, not as charitable as he claims, or overall does not pay federal taxes. Accused and defensive, Trump strayed from the topic to press Clinton on the issue of her deleted emails. Trump’s response is notable because it suggests that Hillary figured out what he was hiding.

Overall, Trump’s inexperience allowed Clinton to take the advantage in the debate. However, Clinton, herself, showcased her years experience and preparation in the 2016 presidential debate. By using her experience and Trump’s lack thereof, Clinton won the debate singlehandedly.

Clinton Determined to Show Only One Candidate is Ready to be President

This recent CNN article about the 2016 Presidential Debate says "Clinton poked, prodded and quoted Trump's own words, goading the famously thin-skinned Republican nominee. Trump took the bait, repeatedly interrupting angrily or dismissively throughout the night. He couldn't resist attacks, even when it was obvious they would backfire." 

I don't know how well this article did at being unbiased, but I agree with what it is saying for the most part. I think Hillary won this debate over Trump. 

Like the article says, most of Trump's remarks were attacks towards Hillary, or arguing with her. He looked much more visibly upset than Hillary did. This is magnified on TV, and can really hurt a candidate, and I think it did just that for Trump. Everyone saw him as irrational and acting on emotion, unlike Hillary, who stayed calm and collected and took Trump's attacks in stride. 

I think Trump's biggest strategy going into the debate was to attack and criticize Hillary, which backfired a lot, and just made Trump look childish, and not in control of his temper.

Hillary has the Stamina

Image result for presidential debate

In the first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton came off as well prepared and a good sport, while Donald Trump was rude and impatient. 

Some of the best things that Hillary Clinton did in this debate, and the things that left her head and shoulders above Donald Trump, were her facial expressions and body language. While Donald Trump interrupted her over and over again, leaning into the microphone and saying “wrong” like a cranky two-year-old, Hillary maintained composure and always managed to get her point across, even when you could barely hear her over Trump’s whining. While Trump was speaking, instead of sighing or making faces as he did while she was speaking, she would angle her body towards him to demonstrate her engagement and smile when he said something ridiculous. Her smile not only showed the audience that she does have stamina and can handle ignorance and stupidity with grace for one and half hours, but it also let viewers know that she had something to say, even when she didn’t get the chance to respond. 

Aside from her body language, Hillary was prepared and padded her answers with logos and just enough pathos, while Donald Trump spewed ethos to cover up the fact that he didn’t have any facts prepared. At one point when asked a question, Trump rambled for over two minutes and topped it off by saying, “I have a winning temperament. I know how to win.” Not only is that not an answer to any kind of question about his policies, but it isn’t even a good use of ethos. What does “having a winning temperament” even entail? One of the debate moments that showed Hillary’s use of logos and pathos was when she brought up Trump’s mistreatment of his lower class workers (which was barely even logos until he literally OWNED UP TO IT like it wasn’t a big deal in his response) and then adding some pathos by mentioning that her late father was a worker so she had even less tolerance for that kind of behavior. 

Overall, this debate had an unusual amount of casualness compared to how seriously Presidential debates have been taken in the past. People saying that Hillary came off as stiff and robotic should consider that she just looked this way compared to Trump, who was under-prepared and rude. If you compare Hillary’s more reserved approach to candidates in past debates, it becomes clear that she is just following regular debate procedure. Being respectful and reserved, and trying to maintain the integrity of the debate should not be seen as being self-important or distant. ...And being rude, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, having an incredibly frightening amount of aggression, etc. shouldn’t be considered being “authentic” or “real” because it is disgusting.

Trump Vs. Hillary Part 1

Yesterday night marked the first of three Presidential Debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Coming into this debate it was supposed to be one the most watched TV events in the modern and one of the most interesting debates we have ever seen and it lived up to those expectations. As the debate moved along it almost seemed as if it was two different debates.   One, from Clinton that was to the point and professional and second from Trump that was all over the place.  Hillary Clinton won the first Presidential Debate simply because she was more informed and better prepared than Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton's debate was crisp, polished, professional and careful.  Throughout the debate she was on top of her game, having a response to everything Trump said.  At times she even seemed over prepared and she had a lot of facts to back up her statements.  She stated facts about how Trumps plan and her plan for creating jobs would play out in America.  She also had evidence that was proved by "fact checkers" to be right whereas most of what Donald Trump said was either false or only somewhat true.   She appealed to the audience by using logos and stating facts that were proven to be correct and giving the audience reasons why her plans will work.  She gave the audience a logical reason to vote for her.  While Hillary Clinton was almost over prepared for this debate Donald Trump was not.   Trump's debate was aggressive, attacking, and pointing the blame to Hillary.  Although there were a couple of times when Trump landed hard blows, his debate was all over the place and at some times hard to follow.  Trump's answers were more about directing the blame to Hillary and saying what needs to be fixed rather than actually talking about how he is going to fix those issues.  Trump appealed to the audience through ethos; saying that everything bad that's happened is either because of Clinton or Obama and that they have had significant time to fix these issues.  He tells Americans that he is going to make America great again without actually saying how.  He talked about how this country cannot go another four years with a President like Hillary.  Clinton's ability to use evidence and facts when answering questions was a better game plan that Trump's which included interrupting, directing blame, and dancing around the question.

It was very obvious to see that Clinton and Trump took two different approaches coming into this debate.  Clinton came in prepared and knew almost everything whereas Trump came in there and was free-wheeling.   Hillary Clinton's preparation leading up to this debate led to her ultimately winning this debate and if Donald Trump wants to stay in this race he better start preparing for October 9th immediately.

Hillary is "Ready for Hillary"

Image result for debate 2016 hillary prepared

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was certainly a non-traditional one. Although Hillary Clinton provided the audience with many effective arguments that appeal to facts and her character, Donald Trump had a different approach.

Throughout the debate, Trump could not stop interrupting Clinton to say the facts and quotes she was speaking were incorrect. He did not acknowledge that he said any of the offensive statements that Hillary and the audience clearly knew were true. Instead of saying anything fresh or important, Trump would take the defensive side and interject to tell Hillary what she was saying was not true, when it obviously was. In the small instance that Trump would actually answer the question he was asked, he would briefly talk about his idea on the topic, then talk about himself using ethos to appeal to his own character. 

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton used effective rhetorical appeals to persuade the audience to vote for her. When she was not calling out Trump for his offensive comments or his lack of releasing his tax returns, Hillary was stating her views on controversial topics in a strong and clear way. Her overall composure when Trump was rudely interrrupting her was calm, showing her professional attitude. 

Overall, the debate showed Hillary Clinton's experience and preparation, and Trump's lack of it. Both parties probably agree that Trump definitely has some work to do to make up for this one.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

There's another option?

No one saw this coming, Trump, and another Clinton. Hillary has tried to get into office before and it simply didn't work. Trump, well he is just a business man and that's about all he is good for. They are both on such opposite ends of the spectrum, there is never any over lap, or shared opinions.

In today's society it's either republican or democrat, you choose one and live by it. When I started taking some interest in politics for the first time, this all confused me so much. How could the entire population of America be divided into only two categories? Why is there no in between, a best of both worlds? 

That's when I came across the third parties, I researched what each of them stand for, and it turns out there is a sort of middle ground, the Libertarian party. They generally believe in individual rights, a small and transparent government, they are pro-second amendment, they're for free health care and so much more. The libertarian candidate in the 2016 presidential election is Governor Gary Johnson, he finds importance in, but not limited to, the environment, discrimination, immigration, and education. 

So, this presidential election, I will vote for the underdog, Gray Johnson, who stands for those whose values and opinions are more well rounded and not so cut throat. I choose to not settle for who I think would do less harm between Hillary or Trump. I choose to think beyond the two party system - I choose to recognize that their are others who have a plan to fix our country's problems.

"I did not. I did not. I do not say that"

I did not. I did not. I do not say that.” This striking line spoken by candidate Donald Trump during the debate last night was one of the his most frequent “arguments”.  Now during debates, most candidates mainly speak of their influential policies, unique fixes, and problems that bother them in America, but Trump is the exception. Hillary Clinton is the obvious winner of the debate due to her outstanding clarity in diction and syntax, her well thought plan on fixing tax cuts and improving the middle class, and her overall composure and eloquence throughout the night.

Throughout the debate, despite Trump’s constant interjections and rude interruptions, Hillary remained calm and collected. She spoke with the rights words and got her point across. Hillary was also not afraid to call out Trump’s previous controversial claims and ideas, which were of course denied by Trump himself. When speaking about climate change, Hillary reminded everyone how Trump has said he believed that Global Warming is “ is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.” Trump fervently responds with denial but refused to support himself further.

Although Trump was blunt and did manage to land a few blows at Hillary, he lacked substance and continuity during his speeches. His arguments tended to be off topic and all over the place. When speaking to Hillary about taxes he quickly jumps to ISIS and taunts Hillary about her website. This is just another clear example of Trump being unprepared and inexperienced.  

Trump spent too much time ranting about insignificant matters because he had nothing fresh or intelligent to say. Trump also struggled with luring in newer undecided voters throughout the debate. He stuck to the same old worn out ideas he has had since the beginning of his reign. He continues to focus only on the wealthy, and tends not to appeal to middle and lower class voters. When Trump is addressing the problem of unemployment he exclaims,  “...the wealthy are going create tremendous jobs. They're going to expand their companies. They're going to do a tremendous job.” By focusing only on the wealthy, Trump is reinforcing the same arguments he has made for who knows how long. By not branching out and bringing new ideas to the table he fails to gain the crucial voters he needs in order to push him to where he needs to be.

It is obvious to most the clear winner of this debate. Trump lack of inexperience, substance, and overall rudeness is what caused Hillary to gain the upper hand. It will be a very interesting ride watching these two go head to head again in the future. Trump has definitely learned many knowledgeable lessons from this past debate.

Monday, September 26, 2016

"Mirrors" Hillary Clinton

This ad from Hillary Clinton supports her argument that Donald Trump is sexist by using actual quotes he said. This helps to show Clinton as a compassionate and understanding individual that parents would want as a role model for their daughters. This ad also tears down Trumps reputation and exposes his sexist views.

This aids Hillary’s argument that Donald Trump is a bad role model by appealing to the viewers emotions. It uses pathos by appealing to the emotions of American parents. It uses lighting, music and emotions of the actresses to convey how impressionable they are. This ad shows young, teenaged girls looking at themselves in the mirror with mostly concerned looks on their faces. The way in which the ad is filmed demonstrates how Donald Trump’s sexist views affect their self-confidence. The emotions that the girls in the ad are expressing look as though they are responding to what Trump is saying. This ad is helpful to Hillary because it appeals strongly to the audience of American parents and makes it so they will be more inclined to vote for her.

Go Mean or Go Green?

This poster for Jill Stein is very different than traditional posters for democratic or republican candidates. The colors and images used in this poster attract and audience that maybe is undecided or against the larger party candidates. Green is traditionally associated as good, healthy, and progressive. "Green means go" is hardwired into our culture, the poster uses this subconscious bias for the color green in it's favor. The vast majority of political propaganda is red or blue. Green is against the status quo for candidates posters. Standing out against the message tells the audience what kind of candidate Jill Stein is. This poster has a pathos rhetorical argument. Jill is not like the the harsh red and blue candidates, she is a healthy alternative. The colors also reflect the main priorities Jill has and what she values. Jill is a green party candidate, she values the ecosystem and the health of our planet. 
Jill Stein does not fall into the normal cookie-cutter image for a candidate. The popular and well known candidates in the lime light have stereotypical ideologies and perspectives on pressing issues. The outline of the eagle with the green American flag filling it in argues that Jill is beyond other candidates. Not red or blue, the eagle is not tethered to parties or constructs that have been detrimental to the Unites States in the past. The eagle is the national icon of freedom here in America. While elephants and donkeys can be stubborn. The eagle however, that represents Jill, is wise and patriotic. The image of the eagle offers a pathos appeal. Viewers of this poster are drawn to the eagle. The American people see the eagle as a majestic and powerful creature. A candidate represented by an image of an eagle is looking out for the American people and has no time for political party bureaucracy and time wasting. Viewers think that this candidate is all American, has American interests, and wants to fight for and represent the American people.  

Trump Shows His True Character

Clinton's ad "Grace" features the parents of Grace, a disabled child, and a clip of Donald Trump mocking a reporter with a disability. 

This ad very effectively uses ethos to attack Trump's character, because it literally shows a clip of him giving a speech, and there's no denying that he did what he did. The ad works hard to show you that these parents are real people, the reporter Trump mocked is a real person, and that what Trump did was real, and this quality makes the ad really effective.

Grace's parents talk about Grace's experiences being disabled, and how it really hit them hard when they saw Trump mocking a disabled man. The parents say that that moment showed them Trump's true character and they "didn't like what they saw." 

Pathos appeal is used many times in this ad. You sympathize with Grace, her parents and their story, and with the disabled reporter, whose picture is also shown in the ad. The ad also makes you angry at Trump, and sides with the parents.

Trump is Taking Back Our Country?

Trump includes a substantial amount of rhetoric in various ways in every campaign ad. In this ad especially Trump uses ethos and logos to promote his image as well as spread his message to the audience and readers.

Trump spreads a sense of nationalism and support in this campaign by the use of the American colors such as the red and white stripes of the flag, as well as the blue tie and wording. Another American symbol he portrays is the eagle logo. An eagle is an american symbol of freedom and power. By having the eagle in his campaign he is insinuating that he is also a man of free will and that he supports the American ideals. By supporting America, Trump is boosting his own ego as well as making people feel safe and comfortable that they are being supported and carried by a strong leader.
Trump also appeals to his ego by having a stoic and serious picture of him in the ad. He looks as if he is in deep thought and about to make a decision. This also reassures the audience because it paints Trump as a man who cares deeply about his choices and does not take anything lightly. Most Americans want a leader who would care enough and take their job very seriously. The words that are displayed “TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY” is explaining that our country is in a bad place at the moment. Trump also is saying that he will make the country the way it should be, as it was in the past. This appeals to many white and powerful people who, in the past were once people of great power and the top people in our country.

Trump is also saying that our country is being held by an outside force. Whether that outside force is terrorists, minorities, homeless, or immigrants,  Trump will make sure they no longer have a hold on our country. In summary, Trump appeals to emotional and logical senses to get his message across.