Sunday, October 9, 2016

Live Blog 3

The final question asked was, in my opinion, the best question in the debate. There is so much negative rhetoric coming from both sides and to hear the debate wrap up with positive comments from Trump and Clinton about each other was nice and gave me a little bit of hope that politics will go back to a degree of normalcy.


  1. I agree, that question forced both candidates to get out of their comfort zone. But was a compliment to Trumps children really a meaningful compliment to Trump himself? I think that even though Clinton disagrees with Trump on most everything, she could still find something about Trump that she admires other than his children. I think Trump could have also dug a little deeper with his compliment as well. Both candidates actually ended up saying how they disagree with the other candidates views when they were giving the compliments. The attacks never end.

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  3. I thought that Hillary's compliment to Trump was really nice. Complimenting someone's children is one of the best compliments you can give and it was very big of her. It was also a way of going around directly complimenting Trump because that, in my opinion would be impossible. It was a really respectful way to rap up a debate filled with a lot of personal attacks. I also agree that it was difficult debate to watch because of how un-normal politics have gotten. Everything was personal and most answers were not kept on a political level or about actual policies or ideas.