Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Predator In The Oval Office

A little over a week ago, Hillary Clinton's campaign released this video

As far as content goes, the ad is basically the same as a video called "Our Children Are Watching", in which small children are shown watching Donald Trump making offensive, racially charged, and sexist remarks. "Our Daughters Deserve Better" makes the same appeal to pathos and ethos, but it delves more into things Trump has said about women.

Even though this ad was released before the tape of Donald Trump admitting he sexually assaults women, the ad has new meaning now that the tape is out there. Now that it's been leaked, you can't help but watch Clinton's ad within the context of Trump being a sexual predator. With that being said, a new, subtextual ethical argument is introduced. How can parents with daughters vote for Trump in good conscious, knowing how he treats women just a few years older than the girls in this video.

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