Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Politics or just Drama?

      The presidential election of 2016 has definitely been one to remember, although this is not necessarily a good thing. From Donald Trump's ridiculous quotes to Hillary Clinton's suspicious emails the actual politics of this campaign are getting lost in all the drama. The ideas and plans for the future of America don't even seem to be relevant in most arguments. This is shown in the commercial 'Movement' by Donald Trump for the campaign. Throughout the whole ad nothing is said about what the problems of America are, but only that they will be fixed and forgotten. He also attempts to get viewers excited by just saying power words like "success", "dreaming big" and "freedom". These words do not even fit into the sentences that the male voice over is saying. At one point the male voice says "Donald Trump. Builder, business man, success." while "success" is printed in bold letters over a video of the Trump tower. I get frustrated listening to this because of these weird sentences. It also looks like this whole ad was made in twenty minutes after finding some clips of Trump hugging people and American flags blowing in the wind. Also a Trump commercial can not be completed without at least a little dig about Hillary Clinton, which is mentioned but showing an old video of Bill and Hillary Clinton while the voice says "leaving the past behind". The whole video is finished off with some motivational music playing in the background. This video proves how this campaign has gone down the toilet. The presidential campaign needs to get back to focusing on solving the current issues in America, instead of this silly madness that is occurring now.

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