Sunday, October 16, 2016

Donald trump Vs. the lies

These past few days Donald trump has suffered a huge set back during his campaign, women have been making multiple accusation against him that through the years he has been sexually assaulting them. When really these are lies conjured up by Hillary Clinton campaign and other people trying to slander Donald trump’s name and prevent him from winning the presidential election. Before this election there has been no talk about trump sexually assaulting anyone then, coincidentally the moment that the end of the presidential debate nears one women makes these accusations against him. But, where were these women before the debate, what made them come now. Another suspicious thing about this entire scandal is that these women filed a civil suit against Mr.trump, instead of filing a criminal suite like most rape victims. For those who don’t know, a civil suite means that these women are suing trump for money instead trying to put him in jail his alleged crimes. Plus, they have no proof of trump hurting these women, except one recording of him talking to billy bush about how he wanted to kiss this girl that he was with for the show days of our lives. But, just because someone says something doesn't mean they necessarily did it. And since this scandal happened Donald trump's polls has dropped and many of the republicans has stopped backing him.
So, because there is no proof, these women decided to sue him for money, these claims only surfaced recently and these allegations have only helped Hillary Clinton in the race by ruining Donald trump's name. The allegation made against Donald trump are false and are only made to ruin his name.

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