Friday, October 21, 2016

Hateful Rhetoric to justify a wall

Donald Trump's latest ad attacks Hillary Clinton's weak border policy. He seamlessly uses pathos to demonize Clinton. The ad begins with a mother who is has a tear in her eye, talking about her son. She tells of how her son was murder by an illegal immigrant and then set on fire in a field. The setting on fire was really powerful because people here about murder every single day, but burning a dead body in a field really stands out. This makes the viewer's heart skip a beat. This ad is a perfect example of appealing to the heart.  


The ad uses both negative and positive ethos. It uses negative ethos by showing Hillary Clinton's incompetent border policy, and how it ended up killing an innocent person. This attacks her reputation as a politician and attacks her stance on the border. Trump uses positive ethos to promote his policy. He claims that only his policy would help prevent crimes like this. Of course this is an anecdotal piece of evidence. As sad as it is, most immigrants are not dangerous, but Donald Trump would like to slander all of them as "rapists and criminals". This is example of negative ethos directed at illegal immigrants. In order to justify his policy he has put down immigrants so he can fund his wall.

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