Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live Blog #2

When the question about how to create more jobs Hillary explains how she wants to make education system better from preschool to college to prepare young people for the jobs ahead of them. Also for people who make under $125,000 will not have to pay for college to try to make their life debt free. She is very forward and to the point with all of her arguments which makes them seem even better. Then she talks about Donald Trumps plan to make tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations adding to our debt and costing is jobs. He responds he only speaks of how Hillary's plan would increase taxes and then he switches to talking about Germany, Japan and  other countries having to "pay up". He constantly states random facts to change the subject and at one point Hillary almost starts laughing because listening to his nonsense is laughable because of how ridiculous it is. Its hard to choose a candidate when they don't even make arguments.

1 comment:

  1. Like you said, Hillary actually answers questions, while Trump clearly does not, and doesnt really have anything of substance to say. Its clear his main strategy is to attack Hillary, which makes him look bad- he's not prepared to be president at all.