Thursday, October 13, 2016

Not A True War Hero?

The ad “War Hero” was created by Clinton’s campaign team to promote Clinton and show Trump’s degrading comments. This ad reminds us of what Donald Trump said about Senator John McCain and ultimately about all POW’s, vets, and current servicemen and women. Trump said that McCain is “not a war hero” because he was captured. The ad shows a veteran (Joel Sollender) who was captured by the Nazi's during WW ll in 1944. “My war was 70 years ago, and yesterday.” This ad uses pathos when Joel shows us the effects war has on veterans, and how they can still be struggling 70 years later. Trump doesn’t understand what McCain or other POW's went through. Trump’s comments, I feel, just make these struggles worse for people like Joel.

This ad uses ethos, it shows Trump’s character and how he feels about what makes a true war hero. Trump said “I like people who weren’t captured, OK?” This shows his lack of respect for POW's and all servicemen and women and ultimately his character in general.

The music in the background represents sadness, anger and disappointment. This ad makes you feel sad that these comments were made towards our veterans, mad that Trump feels like he has the right to make those comments and lastly, disappointed at Trump and his childish and immature comments. Overall, this ad shows Trumps real feelings towards the military, and personally, this ad and Trump's comments make me sad.


  1. I like how you really used direct evidence from the video to support your claims. I also liked the verbs you used, really help build a mental image of what you were saying.

  2. When Joel Sanders says that his war was "70 years ago and today" it strengthens the ethos argument that you mentioned. It also really brings into effect the knowledge that a true war story never really ends