Thursday, December 11, 2014

What Is The Perfect Balance Of Order And Freedom?

Throughout history there has always been the conflict concerning the balance of freedom and order. There cannot be more of one or the other without consequences. With more order, the rules and regulations would cause conflict among the people and with more freedom there will be nothing keeping the people from causing complete chaos. Today however, there is never a complete balance of the two' one always out weighs the other.

It is almost impossible for there to be a perfect balance between freedom and order. If there were then there would be little conflict among our people. Although, no matter what the regulations are or are not, there will always be someone opposing them. It is because of this that we are unable to achieve the balance and because there is no balance the people will always be in conflict in one way or another no matter the cause. There can never be a moment of utter peace in the world without the balance of the two. When order is heavier on the scale the people feel oppressed by their superiors (ex. forms of government) that can lead to rebellions, uprisings, or even worse. However, if freedom prevails over order the people will have no sense of right and wrong giving them the ability to do whatever they please. The necessity for both is crucial today with all the problems that the world is facing but when we need it most it is nowhere to be found. Depending on the country or the personal situation the scale will always be knocked out of balance. For instance, we as students may feel as though in school our scale is leaning more towards order with the rules and regulations that we must follow such as wearing an id or having to ask before going to the bathroom. But in reality when you compare one situation to another the view on the weighing of the two may seem different. This makes it hard for us to judge what is the equal balance and who knows if we could even detect the perfect balance since we have never encountered it before.

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