Friday, December 12, 2014

Order vs Freedom

There is a fine line between too much order and too much. The United States of America is a perfect symmetry between the two. The only way that people feel unhappy with there freedom and order is when they don't get what they want. An example is the discussion about legalizing marijuana, it has been discussed over and over. People arguing for it seem to have a idea of their freedom is to choose the amount of order. Order is used to first obviously keep everything safe but also to show the people that the order is meant to not change. Thinking that alcohol is legal people are arguing that marijuana should be too. Order and freedom have had a certain give and take, such as that there needs to be something to keep society feeling the freedom part, which is alcohol, but they also need to feel the order part of the world, which is marijuana. This give and take idea of freedom and order can also be seen discussion of gun control. The freedom is that you can have a fire arm but the order is that you have to have many documents and a long processes to obtain one, not just anyone can get a fire arm. Both of these examples fit my description of how greed and when people don't get what they want, they will always want more freedom, this is why order is essential. Author Miller is absolutely right when it comes to having a balance of freedom and order, United States is a great example in general of the symmetry but if you look at a terrible example such as mostly any country in the middle east there order has way overcome the freedom they have allowed. This has become an extreme example of the marijuana discussion, since the United States citizens aren't happy with the freedom they are given with that, as well as middle eastern people are unhappy with the freedom given so instead of arguing for weed they argue to kill and fight back. Not just the normal person in the middle east are unhappy with their freedom, for the women they have no freedom at all, almost like a slave they are treated. On the other hand, having to much freedom would cause complete madness. This is easily seen in the country of Somalia, no central order, which has cause the country to be ran by war lords and pirates. If the balance between freedom and order can be met it would keep that society in the best shape.

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