Thursday, December 11, 2014

Order vs. Freedom

Arthur Miller believes that in our American Society, we have not yet reached a balance between order and freedom. "It is impossible to organize your social life without repressions".  To argue against this statement would be arguing that we live in an America that represents a Utopian society. We pride ourselves on living in the "Land of the free, and the home of the brave", but America has not reached our perfect equilibrium of order and freedom.

Although our nation has been making impressive steps towards allowing equality towards same sex couples, it is still apparent that many governement officials, and fellow Americans, struggle with this fact. In order to reach this balance of order versus freedom, we need to allow any human being to love who they wish to love, and be with who they please to be with. Many states have begun to allow same sex marriages, but still some are lingering on to an old thought. When everyone in America is allowed to be who they want to be, America as a whole will be taking leaps towards this balance.

One amazing we do have in our society is our natural human rights. As an American citizen, we are automatically granted with this rights, which protect us in many situations. And if we ever believe that we have a right that is not clearly stated in our Bill of Rights, although difficult, it is possible to have this right added. Within rights, we have the freedom to do most of the things we please. We have the freedom to learn what we want and pursue our dreams. It is also possible to do what you love everyday in America. As a society, it would never be allowed for one person to completely dictate what job we have, or where we have to live.

The balance between order and freedom is inachievable. But that does not mean that our society does not make steps towards this balance every day. This conflict between order and freedom has been very apparent recently in our lives. And because there has been a conflict, there will be more progress to our goal. We strive to be a Utopian society, and that has yet to be done, but any progress is good progress.

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