Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All Hail America!

Arthur Miller is correct in saying that there must be a balance between order and freedom in society. In the United States of America, no such balance exists because our society is tilted towards order rather than freedom.

Although we enjoy many freedoms in this country such as the freedom of speech, our federal government ultimately decides the amount of freedom that we are allowed to exercise. If U.S. citizens were to protest and exercise their freedom of speech, the federal government has the ability to halt the protest, which is exemplified in The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, where a man is hung by his government for standing by his beliefs.

The imbalance that exists in america is evident all throughout our history. When our nation just began to learn how to walk our federal government,  on numerous occasions, used military force to silence protests across the nation. During the cold war, our government accused and imprisoned many people of being communists with very little evidence that these people were in fact communists.Arthur Miller's, The Crucible exemplifies the fear that our government can evoke upon its people. Even now these recent incidents involving the NSA monitoring our phones corroborate the idea that our country is tilted towards order rather than freedom.

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