Thursday, December 11, 2014

Balance Between Freedom and Order

Throughout history, there has always been a conflict between the security of a community and the rights and liberties of individual people. As time has progressed, the balance between order and freedom has gradually changed sides in favor of freedom. However, there are certain conditions under which a person’s liberty must be hindered in order to protect the rights of the community or other individuals.

This balance in favor of freedom is something which has only been experienced for a short period of time, and still in only a few places by a few people. With the end of dictatorships and monarchies often comes an increase in personal liberties, such as the creation of the United States of America as they separated from the British monarchy. Several important documents were written, where the government promised the citizens several rights. This document was enforced with a republican checks and balance system in order to secure the freedoms promised to the people. Through that system, the government was also able to take away some rights of individuals in times of crisis. However, the liberties were supposed to be granted back once the crisis was solved. This system was one major turning point for many people in the increase of liberty and freedom.

Today, as a white, middle class girl living in Oak Park, IL, I have many freedoms. I am able to go wherever I please, whenever I want. I can buy whatever I would like at any store I would like to go to. I can talk to whoever I would like to. I may read whatever interests me, and watch almost anything. In the United States, all of these things would be my prerogative, as I have not committed any crimes and it is written in the American Constitution.

Although I am mainly free, a few hindrances on my liberty do exist. There are many age restrictions in society, which slightly reduce the number of liberties I have. There has also been a few more security measures put in place since 9/11. Although these measures reduce my personal freedom, the balance still lays in favor of liberty. I think that the abundance of freedoms is beneficial to most people, which is why I do not think that the balance in favor of freedom has a negative effect on society.

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