Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Raising a Child With Censorship

            Kids hate censorship, kids believe they are mature enough in their own mind to comprehend and understand the obscenities that are displayed in today's world. If you ask a teen if they believe in censorship of children I'm going to guess that almost all of the teens are going to say something like "No, you can't shield them from the world" or "My kid is gonna learn on his/her own." I personally believe that censorship is needed in the correct development of a child, though shielding a child from the evils of the world is not the correct way to go about parenting.
            I believe in the philosophy of human nature presented by Thomas Hobbes, this philosophy believes that humans are born to be "naturally wicked," meaning children who raises themselves will grow up less empathetic and care for oneself rather than others. The reason for parents are to guide children in the ways of understanding the feelings of others. The reasoning I based my formed opinion comes from the theory of survival of the fittest. If someone cares only about themselves, they will survive. Censorship comes into play where a child is at a point where if they are not ready to see something it can disturb them, leave a gross feeling in their stomach. After repeated exposure to this something, it will become the norm and eventually seem okay This is why it needs to be hidden, possibly talked about and explain by the parent but not directly shown.
            If a child walks into a room while the beheading committed by the ISIS terrorist group will you allow the child to watch? I would not, my strategy would be to explain what is occurring but I personally would not allow them to view the video. I don't mean to be drastic and I know others will disagree with my point; I mean no disrespect to alternative parenting strategies and I am not a parent myself, this is how I imagine I would treat my child. Censorship in full is just as wrong as no censorship at all


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  2. I agree with you, censorship is very important for kids. I remember watching PG-13 movies under 13 and I thought it was so cool. Now that I look back the censorship was necessary even if I didn't get why back then. Good post!