Thursday, December 11, 2014

No One is Free

Arthur Miller wrote that “It is still impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions, and the balance has yet to be struck between order and freedom.” Miller was right when he said there is no balance. Yet, he fails to accept the fact that in our society there is no real freedom and that this can not be fixed. Though People constantly say we are the, "Land of the free" or that freedom is something we are born with, we are constantly controlled. For America has yet to face that fact, freedom is an impossible concept while order is law.

Though in America the government tells use we are free, we are not. If people were to really think about their every day life they would realize how much order is focused upon us. For example, simple things like going to work or school are all structure around rules that someone "higher up" has given to use. Even things like voting, which is a so called freedom, is not a real freedom. For the government gives use a limited amount of people you can choice to vote for as well as gives us many rules to our voting. Because the government is giving use laws or sometime of order, we can not be free.

The government is not the only part of our society that as made freedom impossible, society itself has made freedom impossible. This is most prevalent if we look at society through a post modern lenses. If we are living in a world were we are constantly reacting other things we have seen and heard. We are never living in original and free world. We are constantly reconstrocting the order of society. Because of this reconstruction we can never be free and are always in a world of order.

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