Saturday, December 13, 2014

Original Argument

The main type of music that people used to listen to was classical, then it transformed into jazz, than rock, and now rap. Rap music is commonly pessimistic and negative. However I believe that the artists that are creating this music have to be careful about what they say, because their actions could affect the listeners. When people listen to negative music they are more likely to become a negative person.

Although it isn't the entire audience teenagers make-up a large portion of the people that listen to rap music. The frontal lobe is a portion of your brain that is responsible for making decisions. In the average person the frontal lobe does not become fully developed until your in your mid 20s. During your teenage years while your frontal lobe is still being developed the role models you follow and the people you listen to can make a large impact on your life. If artists become more positive then so will the people that listen to them.

There is a lot of negative artists who are creating music all the time, however there are some who have started creating music that is constructive and prosocial. Chance the Rapper is one of the artists who has been creating music about constructive topics. In one of his songs he raises awareness about violence in Chicago. On memorial day weekend Chance, and some of his family members, campaigned the Save Chicago movement, an anti-violence crusade. The result was a 42 hour gap in which the violent city of Chicago had no shooting. Chance is not the first Rapper to talk about prosocial behavior and he won’t be the last, however there are only benefits to this.

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