Thursday, December 11, 2014

Original Argument- We Have Yet to Find a Balance

In his introduction to the crucible, Arthur Miller states that, “It is still impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions, and the balance has yet to be struck between order and freedom.” I believe that he is correct. We have not yet reached a balance between the two. To be more specific, in present day American society, we have too many faulty laws and not enough freedom. For instance, women are still viewed as lesser people in the workplace, racial minorities are discriminated against, and women seeking abortions are still being blocked from clinics.

Women are still viewed as lesser people in the workplace. Although we have sex equality laws, they are not effectively enforced. For instance, women make around 78 cents for every dollar a man makes at the same job. The government could address this, however we waste time making other frivolous laws than concise ones that will provide equality and the right to pursue happiness. 

Racial minorities in America are still discriminated against even though we pride ourselves in being a racially unbiased nation due to our diversity. The recent events in Ferguson clearly show this difference in treatment of minorities especially by law officials. Racial minorities should have the same economic and educational opportunities as there white counter parts. It is as simple as that, however clearly we haven’t yet been able to enforce this and people are still free to manipulate the law based on their own prejudices. 

This fall, the distance one must keep from protesting around an abortion clinic was shortened. This clearly was an attempt to strip women of their freedoms without making abortion illegal (which no one would allow), so this was the closest thing these government officials who did this could do. I understand that some may think this is a trivial change in legislature, but this precious distance change could be a catalyst for even more drastic decreases in our freedoms. One day we will find a balance between order and freedom, however that day has yet to come.

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