Friday, December 12, 2014

Order Vs. Freedom

We as Americans are not free and the way situations are very corrupted in America, such as the legal system.  In American Society, there isn’t a balance of order or freedom.  Certain rights should be given to certain people.

As Americans we have the right to have a “fair” trial by jury. Maybe it’s a coincidence that countless black males are being brutalized and killed by some policemen. Yet a lot of them get off with no punishment. Or is a coincidence that women who are raped are accused of it being their own fault. Because they dress to “slutty” or they were asking for it.

As Americans we claim to have the right to express our self’s and feelings. Yet there are still 15 states that have a ban on gay marriage. Also it is our responsibility to respect the rights and beliefs of others. We as Americans have the right to the pursuit of happiness. We are preventing happiness by keeping apart the love of two individuals.

Lastly we as Americans have a responsibility to respect the rights, opinions and beliefs of others. Yet women don’t have the same rights as men.

Statistics show that one black man is killed every 28 hours. That just a little bit under 365 black men a year. And 98% of those police men will be found not guilty in a court of law. In recent cases such as the Mike Brown case, a teenage black boy was shot six times by a white police officer. Despite no witnesses being there to witness the events, the police men were found not guilty. There’s also the Eric Garner case where a black man was choked to death, by a cop. But this act of police violence was caught on video. There was no resistance given to officer, he felt he needed to apprehend Garner. But he still walked away free. We claim to have a “fair” trial by jury, but it seems the murderers are getting off easy.

Women are mistreated every day with sexual assault and they don’t have the same rights men have. The issue of abortion has been a right women have been fighting for. The issue being not if it is morally right to have an abortion. But the issue being if it is the choice of a woman. But it seems the choice is given by a bunch of white men in Washington D.C who feel they have the right to tell women what she can do with her body.  

We are known to be the “land of the free” but we are actually hidden behind walls of corrupt. We as Americans are not free; we are do not have all the rights given to us in our Constitution we are supposed to respect. 

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  1. I like how you make the argument that we have the "freedom" to a fair trial, but the "order" can overlap this freedom. Your specific examples of racial and gender injustices fortify your argument, making it very effective.