Thursday, December 11, 2014

Order vs. Freedom

Arthur Miller's introduction to The Crucible states, "It is still impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions, and the balance has yet to be struck between order and freedom." Based on Miller's statement and the ongoing debate of needs in communities and desires of individuals, the question is whether these words ring true. In the time of The Crucible, for example the Puritans and throughout the book, this may be true however, is it accurate now in American society? Is there a balance between the two paradoxical forces of order and freedom?

I believe Arthur Miller's words are correct. In any situation in society, these two powerful things interfere with each other. Do we know what true order is? Have we experienced true freedom? What even is "true" order or freedom? Society always looks for ways to socially, mentally, physically, and economically balance order and freedom but at the same time tries to put one over the other. Is there more of one than the other in the world?

The reality is there is going to be order involved to reach freedom and you need freedom to maintain order and stability. We as people often times complain about independence yet compare our levels or order and organization to the people around us. Postmodernism.

Which one do we value more? Neither. They're balanced in a way that they're equal in how wanted they are by the people. How free is our land? How much order do we have within the people? It can be argued that we have these really well or we struggle to achieve them. But I believe we struggle to achieve them despite our efforts to. I am confident that we want a balance between order and freedom in our country. I'm confident that we want each of them divided equally among society. We talk about uniting. We want to stop the violence. We want to open more opportunities for everyone. But can you do this without efficient order and real freedom? Americans judge their and other people's freedom and order every time something is brought to their attention. Therefore, there can't be a balance between them if we run into problems trying to maintain them.

We have human rights. We can have our own order and organization. We are protected. Then why do we try to fight for our order or say we're not really free? If we as a nation continue to try and value one over the other and criticize our rights, how do we expect a balance between all necessities?

In order for society to see a balance between order and freedom, we have to believe that we have both of them pretty good. I believe we do. There is order in every aspect of society and we the people are blessed with big amounts of freedom. We can't look for things to point out that have bad order or less freedom. We should focus more on what holds our country together and appreciate and recognize it through each other. Once we do that, I believe there can be a balance between them and both will have a great, noticeable value in society.

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