Monday, December 1, 2014

The Crucible Fallacy

The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, was written as an analogy to the red scare to achieve sympathy and to convince America of their outlandish accusations.  This attempt in itself is a fallacy.  The analogy between The red scare and the Salem witch trials is completely illogical.  However the point being made is not, the red scare was a dumb superstition that was only allowed to cause so much damage was because of paranoia of the community.  The Salem witch trials where remarkably similar in that way however there is one aspects that Arthur Miller took way out of proportion.  America had an actual feasible enemy at the time, the Russians.  Witches are not real, witches will never be real, yet Russians are and they are powerful.  America did took away peoples jobs, friends, homes, and dignity for a unrealistic reason but in Salem the took away peoples jobs, friends, homes, dignity and lives for an impossible reason.  The soviets becoming registered citizens and spies for america however improbable was within the laws of physics witches are not making Miller's fallacy no matter how convincing it is, is illogical.

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