Thursday, December 11, 2014

Order, Freedom, ect. TSA "poem"

Order is super important and everything, yada yada yada, but, at some point we need to ask ourselves when some of the measures taken by the government to ensure order are really doing that.
So I've written a bit of what I guess you could call poetry?

When I am profiled at the airport for being a little bit brown, is it ensuring safety for the United States?

Am I a terrorist?

Are all white people free & true American Patriots?

Is my mother carrying a bomb?

Why, in the Kansas City International Airport, in the summer at the age of 8, tan as ever, was I brought aside for questioning while they swabbed down my Nintendo DS, sure I would explode the airport?

Why can my dad get through LAX security with his library card as identification and not a scratch, while me and my mother must show our drivers' licenses, passports, and be patted down more than once to make it clear to the TSA that we are not a threat to their families?

Why do some people suck?

Why does our skin define us in a country that makes the claim oh so many times that they don't see color?

What, When, Where?


  1. ya i totally agree. we are too confined in. our society

  2. ^^ it hurts that skin color can automaitically define you as a person