Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Freedom vs. Order

In The Crucible, Arthur Miller depicts the society of Salem in the 1600s as having too much order and not enough freedom. This is evident because all of the people living in Salem are forced to be devout Christians, and if they refuse they're viewed as outcasts and devil worshipers. By depicting Salem's society this way, Miller was attempting to show that there was an unbalance in American society at the time he wrote the play. The witch trials in Salem were a thinly veiled reference to the Red Scare in America. However, there is still an unbalance between order and freedom in our society today. An excess of freedom is evident in the fact that concealed carry laws are active in all 50 states, and unrestricted concealed carry laws, which are active in 5 states, allow anyone to have a concealed weapon without a license. However, all unbalances of freedom and order in American society are caused by the vague wording in the constitution, which allows legislatures to interpret it as they see fit. Although this causes an unbalance, this is a good thing in order to prevent an inflexible law which isn't able to be changed when necessary.

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  1. I am surprised you think our society today is a "freedom" society especially considering the events on 9/11. Have you never been to an airport? What about the spying of the U.S. on other nation's prime ministers. And let's not forget the NSA debacle