Thursday, December 11, 2014

Freedom Is Not More Important Than Order

Freedom and order are both so intrinsic to the society that we depend upon, it would seem dystopic if either integral part of America were to disappear. Then again, America is not unique in it's balance of order and freedom. The United States may tip it's balance towards freedom more than many other countries, but there is no society on Earth completely lacking order. A society without order is an oxymoron, as a society needs to have a group of people living together with collective rules or values to even be called a society.

However, freedom is not intrinsic to the strict definition of a society, and although it may seem necessary to have freedom to function as a society, it is possible to create a society devoid of freedom. Because it is essential to have order, and not freedom, in American society, we rely too heavily on freedom, and should value order more. More order does not necessarily come as a result of more legislation and more government, but can also come as a result of a more unified society, with similar views.

In modern American society, there are very few issues that the vast majority of the population believe in, so it is hard to create order without restricting freedom. I think that the only way to increase order in a society as diverse and large as the United States is through legislation which inhibits individual freedom for the common good. This view coincides with utilitarianism, as it strives to bring greater happiness to a greater number of people through order even if it means reducing the freedom of individuals.

The paradox is clearly visible in the gun rights debate. While it is important to have the freedom to own guns, the deaths from gun violence make it more beneficial to curtail the freedom and create order with laws reducing gun ownership. This solution may seem unfair or against traditional American views, but it is necessary if overall happiness is important to society. Freedom, however important, cannot be put above order when societal well being and individual safety are concerned.

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  1. Very interesting and complex take on the issue. You bring up some really good points that I hadn't thought of before. Nice job.