Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Freedom VS Order

The argument of freedom vs order is a constant conflicting debate. There needs to be order in a society for it to function but without freedom an orderly society will fall apart. Dealing with such large amounts of people in a society means not everyone can get exactly what they want. Citizens need to make some compromises on their ideal lifestyle to help construct a stable orderly society. If everyone was free to do whatever they pleased people could become selfish and the compromises made in an orderly community would never be met.

Taking away a persons freedom is denying them a basic human right. When people are denied this it results in bloodshed. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller it opens to a scene of some young Puritan girls dancing in the forest. Being so controlled all their lives, this was their way of being free. When the girls are discovered by the minister they grasp on to the first lie they can, witchery. This lie spirals into 200 accused in the Salem community and 20 executed. This is a way that the lack of freedom destroyed a society. A recent example of the suppression of freedom diminishing a society was in 2011. The people of Egypt protested for their freedom and it ended in 846 people killed and 6,000 injured. Giving people freedom is crucial to any society but the question remains how much freedom should be given.

Too much freedom can destroy a society as just as much as too little freedom. In todays society the people in the spotlight for abusing freedom is police officers. Being given the trust from the people they serve US police have killed over 5,000 people since 2001. Letting police officers react off their own instinct and own personal experience has resulted in the formation of racial profiling and prejudice in the United States. I believe that continuing to give these people as much freedom as they are giving will destroy our society.

The discussion of freedom vs order will continue to be debated for a long time and we will still never find an exact answer. In America we stress the idea of freedom because it is a very appealing idea but like Arthur Miller says repressions are crucial. In our society we must learn from our mistakes and try to live peacefully with each other to try to find the perfect medium of freedom and order.

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