Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Order v. Freedom

In our society, I believe that Arthur Miller was correct in stating that it is impossible to achieve a balance between the two paradoxical forces of order and freedom.  In our present day society, it can be seen clearly that freedom is valued more by individuals, while the government places heavy weight on the value of order.

A good example of the presence of the value of order in our society would be from some of the police conflicts that have appeared during the past year.  Even though many law enforcement altercations have provoked many civil disobediences in the past month, the conflicts actually exemplify the extent to which the government is willing to encroach on the freedoms of society and essentially the government's strong values of order.  These conflicts have led to the public's general distrust of our national government, which then leads to more civil disobedience and, in turn, a harsher instillation of order on the citizens of the country.

An illustration of how freedom is valued in our society could simply be the reaction to all the police brutality cases occurring right now.  In Ferguson, MO, people began looting and rioting in their town (which I personally believe gets their case nowhere), and others began protesting the acts of Officer Darren Wilson.  These are all signs that our society believes heavily in the value of freedom despite the opposing view of our government today.

In conclusion, Arthur Miller was correct in his statement, however I think he left out that although both of the paradoxical forces will never achieve a balance, they are still diametrically opposed and will have an ongoing conflict to achieve a greater presence in our society.

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