Thursday, December 11, 2014

The American Struggle

The argument of order vs. freedom is, and always will be, a popular topic of discussion in America. This may be due in part to our intrinsic American nobility but moreover I'd say its because we can never seem to please everyone involved. One way or the other there will always be a person who feels as though they are chained by the government and will never be able to breathe a single breath without oppression seeping into their lungs and others who believe every waking moment in America is utter chaos and anarchy. But to be fair, those are only the polar extremes. The most important thing when discussing order vs. freedom is to establish the fact that there will never be a precise and perfect balance of these two paradoxical forces as it is nearly impossible with such a large body of ideas, perspectives and citizens.

Arguments arise claiming that we are enslaved to the system and we all enjoy a false sense of freedom. The argument is convincing when things such as credit cards, mortgages and security cameras come in to play, but we can't forget to look at the big picture. Security cameras do in fact help with the security of the nation and the never ending war on terror, and mortgages and credits cards can be useful if one budgets effectively. Obviously these things can easily be perverted and it is true that many people are oppressed by these objects, but if managed well these entities can benefit your participation and safety in society.

At the same time we must realize that America is not the free-est nation on Earth by any means. We are all part of a system whether we enjoy it or not, and by being a citizen of the U.S. we agree to follow the rules set up by the people appointed to be in charge. That being said, I can definitely see areas where order takes precedent over freedom. A fine and timely example of this are the riots in Ferguson. Many people, myself included, feel as though some of the decisions and actions in Ferguson were unjust, and in our eyes that's when freedom suffers. At the same time, you have citizens robbing stores and setting fire to buildings, and in my eyes, that's when order suffers.

In the end, we are and always will be part of the system. America is surely, when comparing it to other nations across the world, on the free-er side than majority of countries, and for that I think we all have to be thankful. (In North Korea they only offer one candidate on their ballots. Oh North Korea). With that established, I think at the same time it's fair to say that America tends to favor order over freedom. Nonetheless, I am happy and content living in America and I am pleased with my granted freedoms. Although there is no achievable perfect balance between these two paradoxical forces, America is a favorable and workable system for any average Joe, or Henry.

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