Sunday, December 14, 2014

Order vs. Freedom

Arthur Miller correctly questions the paradox between order and freedom, challenging the human race to achieve a balance between the two forces. In order to achieve such harmony one must first develop a preference for which aspect; freedom or order, they believe should have a more prominent role in their life. However I believe that as individuals, even humanity as a whole, we are incapable of forming such a preference without understanding which sort of society we wish to live in. If we cater more towards the order aspect that Miller speaks of, and let order override our need for freedoms then our society would be built around a structure that requires everyone to uphold their responsibilities to the proverbial “system”. Conversely, if we let our craving for freedoms repudiate adhering to responsibilities, and observing the necessary order, then it is possible that a society would be created that would allow for and ultimately be comprised of lackadaisical individuals who wouldn’t contribute to the well being of the general public. As Miller states “It is still impossible for man to organize his social life without repressions” yet I challenge that and say it is impossible for man to organize his social life without first deciding what sort of society they wish to reside in. What is the optimum balance between order and freedom necessary to achieve such a society? What would we rather give up in our lives? I would prefer a society that respects the necessary order, and adherence to responsibility, because otherwise we couldn’t function as a society. Yet my statement can not stand completely true because there is the innate craving for freedom and the ability to express that is in every human being. This struggle of not being able to assert your belief completely behind one or the other forces is the reason the debate over order versus freedom will continue endlessly, and there will never be an answer for the balance Miller speaks of. 

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